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From: "William Thomas" <>
Subject: [BRE] Isaac Miller
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 19:17:55 -0500

An Isaac Miller was a brother to Indian John Miller. This Isaac died in
1785 per Amish & Amish Mennonite Genealogies, and per Miller historian
Virgil Miller. Isaac died in Somerset County, PA. This family was Amish.
Isaac's wife Barbara (believed to be a Yoder YR232), later married Joseph
Forney per Virgil Miller. Isaac lived near farms owned by John Miller and
his other brother Nicholas Miller.

Another brother of John and Isaac was Christian Miller, who died in Berks
County in 1777. His second wife was Veronica Mishler (b. 1736) who was
daughter of ?? Mishler and his wife Dodorea. Virgil identifies ?? Mishler
as Hans Mishler. Dodorea later married Christian Zug.

There is no Anne Mishler married to a Christian Miller identified by Amish &
Amish Mennonite Genealogies (1986 version) nor by Virgil Miller. There was
a 'Glades' Christian Miller (d. 1839), who was a son of John who married a
woman named Veronica ??. She is also believed to have been the second wife
of Christian 'Schmidt' Miller (d. 1847) her former husband's cousin.

Isaac had a son Christian, who had a Christian Speicher named as his
guardian per a March 20, 1797 Somerset County Orphan's Court document. His
age is hard to read but looks like 14. The guardian was likely Christian
Speicher who was married to Veronica Miller a daughter of Indian John
Miller. His father was Christian Speicher (d. 1797) married to Christina
Mishler a daughter of ?? Mishler. His sister Barbara chose 'Glade'
Christian Miller as a guardian, which enforces that it is likely the younger
Christian Speicher. There is no Anne Mishler that fit's being this
Christian's wife either.

Bill Thomas

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