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Hi Gale: I must have the wife of Zachariah Albaugh wrong. I have Anna Schumann. These are the
notes that I have. It looks like the page has been updated since I last copied it, but the wife is
still named as Anna Schumann. "He married Anna Dimeda Schumann November 09, 1718 in Elchen,
Germany, daughter of Nolgen Schuchmann and Agness Unknown. She was born September 14, 1698 in
Eychen, Germany, and died 1773 in Frederick Co., Maryland."

Zachariah Ahlbach, 45 (1689-bef. 1776), his wife Anna Schumann, 36 (1698--1773), with their first
four children William, 11 (1723-1794), Anna Margretha, 8 (1726-bef. 1785), George Gerhard, 6
(1727-1789), Peter, 2 (1732-bef. 1811) arrived in the port of Philadelphia on September 23, 1734,
aboard the ship "Hope" sailing from the port of Rotterdam. The family made the same migration
followed by many other German immigrants to the American Colonies during this time period, and would
apparently settle and farm in New Jersey, from about 1735 to the early 1750's. All of the other
children were born in New Jersey; Charity (aft. 1734-aft. 1782), Zachariah II (Abt. 1737-1782), John
W. (1740-1811), Eve (1744-?).
Henry Z. Jones, Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists, acted in several movies under a
contract to the Disney Studio and made enough money to pursue his first love which was genealogy. he
had a German researcher, Carla Mittlestaadt-Kubasch, working full time for a number of years in
Germany until her death. In his book, "The Palatine Families of New York", he mentions the Ahlbach's
of Flammersfeld, having finally located them after years of research. He documents the findings in
his book, "More Palatine Families--Some Immigrants in the Middle Colonies 1717-1779 and their
European Origins Plus New Discoveries on German Families Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1719."
In a chapter titled, "Zacharia Ahlbach, Johann Wilhelm Ahlbach", he states: "The ancestral home of
these two brothers was 5232 Flammersfeld, 21 km west of Hachenburg, Germany, with church books
showing entries in 1669, but having gaps. The direct ancestors of the American family were Hans
Theis Ahlbach, who died before 1703, and his wife Anna Margaretha.

Gwen Boyer Bjorkman

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As Bob is well aware, I tie into the Harter Lutheran/Brethren question
through the Albach/Albaugh family.

David Albaugh and his first wife Maria Harter were married in 1782, his
brother Zachariah Albaugh 3rd and her sister Dorothea Harter in 1785, both
in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Frederick MD. Dorothea died within
months of the marriage. There are no baptisms recorded in Frederick County
Lutheran Church records for the children of David & Maria or Zachariah 3rd
and his second wife.

After the death of Maria, David [1760-1838] moved to then Frankstown twp,
Huntingdon Co PA and is credited as the founding minister of the Carson
Valley Church of the Brethren. The children of Zachariah 3rd were all
connected with the Brethren, as he himself well may have been.

As Bob points out, the Harter's appear in Lutheran records while living in
PA and MD. However, the Albaugh's were Brethren and are credited as being
the one of earliest Dunker families to settle in Frederick County MD.
Durnbaugh in "The Brethren in Colonial America", p 188, quoting from Morgan
Edwards: "Monocacy...They originated as a society in 1749 by means of -----
Albach who removed here from Jersey." This reference is to Zachariah Albach
the 1st [c1698-c1758]. Oddly enough, his widow, Anna Demuth Albach
[c1697-1775] is buried in the Chapel Lutheran Cemetery near Libertytown MD.
There apparently was some friction among the Brethren as a number of their
sons as adults had their young families baptized Lutheran.

Gale Honeyman

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