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From: "J.A. Florian" <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] Can a 98 year-old ride a horse?
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 16:50:16 -0400
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The other point to be made is, how else would he or others travel? Most Men
on Tax Lists had at least 1 cow and 1 horse, or at least 1 horse (cow being
more important if youngins were in the home). Have you checked his Tax List
to see what he owned and then look at the state law to see what was taxable
(or look through neighbors that year to get an idea of taxables). Elderly
men wouldn't just give up their only way to travel just because they were
"old" -- just like elderly today fight to keep driving their cars.

Most people did not have wagons.

Also, back then, the easiest cause of death from a horse to declare would be
the simpliest-- a fall. But, at 98, he could have had other medical things
happen that caused a fall, but the underlying condition was probably
unknown. Inquests were made up of men using common sense and what they
could observe of a body. But they weren't docs, and even a doc would
probably say a fall -- rather than a specific problem that caused the death
before or after the fall (aneurysm; high blood pressure; massive heart
attack; stroke; "natural causes" etc). So, his health could have ranged
from fair to good. As long as he could stand up, and mount a horse, sure he
could ride. I wonder if he needed his spectacles just for reading?


On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 3:46 PM, Mary Ann Booher <>wrote:

> Yes....not only ride, but shoe, curry and muck out a stall...
> What one is used to doing on a daily basis tends to become more difficult
> but not
> impossible(barring great illness or accident), it's when you stop doing
> those daily activities that
> you atrophy. In other words "Use it or lose it"

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