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From: "Dwayne Wrightsman" <>
Subject: [BRE] Elder John Carver (Garber) on the New River in North Carolina
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 11:21:17 -0400

Elder John Carver (Garber) on the New River in North Carolina --

As far as I can tell Elder John Carver (Garber) and wife Barbara Zug/Zook
lived on Buffalo Creek feeding into the New River in then Wilkes County, NC,
from 1787 to 1796.

He bought 320 acres on the fork of the Buffalo, west side of Phoenix
Mountain, from Goiles Parmely on 18 June 1787. He paid taxes on this 320
acres each year in the period 1788 through 1795.

In 1795, he paid taxes on 598 acres. He apparently bought more land in
1794. I cannot find the deed for this acquisition in the Wilkes County Deed

In 1796, he sold both his properties.

On 10 Sept. 1796, he sold his 320 acres on the fork of the Buffalo to
"Jasper" (Gaspar) Rowland (Roland). Gaspar Rowland, from the Forks of the
Yadkin, was the Brethren elder who replaced John Garber at the New River
settlement. Witnesses to this deed were John Kessler (son of Elder Ulrich
Kessler) and Abraham Rowland (son of Elder Gaspar Rowland).

A week later, On 17 Sept. 1796, he sold 200 acres on Buffalo Creek to John
Peary, from Lincoln County.

In the 1796 tax records there is no entry for John Carver. There is one for
a Jacob Carver, no land, one poll.

The travails of John Carver/Garber after 1796 can best be told by Merle
Rummel. I suspect that was about the time that he may have entered Clermont
County in Ohio, helping with the organization of the Stone Lick
congregation. Ultimately he ended up in Clark County at Donnells Creek,
where he was the congregation's first elder. It was there that his daughter
Magdalena married my ancestor, Daniel Frantz (grandson of Conestoga elder
Michael Frantz I). It was the second marriage for them both.

Dwayne Wrightsman

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