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Subject: [BRE] Crossing the Potomac Query

Although the Great Pennsylvania Wagon Road via the Valley Route west of the
Blue Ridge to Big Lick made sense for the Brethren pioneers from
Pennsylvania, was it the preferred route for those from Maryland who lived
in the Frederick area who were migrating to North Carolina? If so, where
did they cross the Potomac? Wasn't there just one or two places to cross
it, one leading down the Valley Route and the other down the other side of
the Blue Ridge? My query is especially about those migrating in 1762-1763
from the Pipe Creek area to go live in North Carolina. It seems like it
would have been shorter to not have to cross over into the Valley (and then
have to switch back to the other side of the Blue Ridge at Big Lick).

Dwayne Wrightsman

> When the Fouts, Hoover, Mast, Varner, and Black families from the Pipe
> area of PA-MD moved to the Uwharrie River area of North Carolina
> between
> 1762 and 1763, would they have taken the Great Valley Route (west of
> the Blue Ridge) version of the Great Wagon Road down through Fincastle
> and Big Lick, or would they have headed more directly south at the
> outset and
> the "Upper" Route version of the Great Wagon Road which stays east of
> the Blue Ridge?

Being Brethren and/or Quaker - they almost certainly took the Valley Route.
But yes, there was the eastern road -but no Brethren went that way that I
know of. Almost all of the Brethren lived (later, of course) in the Valley.
The Dunkers Bottom (1745) was in the extension of the Valley, below Big Lick
(Roanoke) down at Blacksburg (New River, now Claytor Lake). These folks
fled down to the Yadkin from the Indian Raids (c1755).

Merle C Rummel

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