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From: "Dwayne Wrightsman" <>
Subject: [BRE] Uwharrie Brethren: Stutzman, Fouts, Huber/Hoover, Mast,Varner, Schwartz
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 23:04:37 -0400

Roger Sappington in his BRETHREN IN THE CAROLINAS, p. 11, names the
following nine German families as very likely Brethren who settled on the
waters of the Uwharrie River in 1763-1764:

Jacob Stutzman
David Fouts
Jacob Fouts
John Fouts
Michael Fouts,
Andrew Hoover,
John Mast
Adam Varner
Jacob Schwartz

All of these men bought land from Henry Eustace McCullouch. Except for
Jacob Stutzman, who purchased his land on September 1, 1764, all of the rest
bought their land a year earlier on the same day: February 17, 1763.

This was not a coincidence. Hoover, Mast, and Varner were related to
members of the Fouts families by marriage. Andrew Hoover was married to
Margaret Fouts, sister of Michael Fouts. John Mast had married a Harmon,
but his sons and daughters were married to Fouts and Hoovers. Adam Varner
was a brother-in-law of Michael Fouts. These related families apparently
moved to the Uwharrie River from the Pipe Creek area of Maryland a year
earlier in 1762.

The circumstances of Jacob Schwartz are largely unknown, and that is the
main reason for this message. Various Fouts compilers say that Jacob
Schwartz was "a neighbor to Andrew Hoover in Maryland who sold out in
Maryland on the same day that Hoover did." Andrew Hoover sold his two
tracts, "Mirey Springs" on Little Pipe Creek, and "Addition to Mirey
Springs" near Big Pipe Creek, to Stephen Bowers on May 26, 1762. If Jacob
Schwartz sold out on the same day, one can speculate that he may have been
related to Andrew Hoover by marriage. If he did not marry a Hoover, perhaps
he married a Fouts (since so many Brethren seemed to be related to that

Jacob Schwartz was known as Jacob Black in North Carolina. I think he was
the Jacob Schwartz who was born in Webenheim in 1718, emigrated on the Ship
Virtuous Grace in 1737, and was baptized by Michael Frantz at Conestoga in
1739. I think he was probably the Jacob Schwartz who warranted land in
Warwick Township, Lancaster County, in 1752, but never got around to having
it surveyed. Almost nothing is known about his family except that he had a
son Frederick Black, who married a Fouts daughter of Uwharrie and who moved
with the next generation of families Fouts, Younce, Burkett, and Shearer to
the New River headwaters in Wilkes/Ashe. Frederick Black, along with Ulrich
Kessler, was a leader of the early Ashe County (New River) Brethren.

If anyone has any knowledge or ideas about Jacob Schwartz/Black, please
share them.

Dwayne Wrightsman

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