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Subject: Re: [BRE] the US extent of the Brethren Church
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 12:41:56 -0500
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On 10/27/08, Janet Hall <> wrote:
> How early were the Brethren lacated in the east outside of Pa in the places
> mentioned?

First, German Baptist migrations mirrored or preceded migrations of
other church groups and migrations of society, in general. Therefore,
as an example, when migration went from eastern to western PA, so were
Brethren moving [but 2 Brethren--brothers--made it to Dunkard Creek
(now in Greene Co) in SW PA about 1744 as explorers.]

Arrival 1700s Alexander Mack -- Eastern Pennsylvania

These are broad approximations of years::

German Baptists were in PA and moving west across PA (1700s to about 1810)

German Baptists were moving from eastern PA to eastern MD (mid-1700s)...

then moving to western MD... and /or across to SW PA... and / or
across from eastern MD to points in Ohio or south to Kentucky -- up
through early 1800s (1800 to 1820 was a strong time of moving from MD
to SW PA)

1830s-40s-- land offerings in Ohio, Indiana -- many moved from SW PA
to points west -- further western movements continued through the
1800s, all the way to California. I found in SW PA that if part of
the family left, within 20-30 years the part of the family who stayed
behind had pretty much forgotten the "cousins" whose families had
moved west

Brethren Districts began in the 1800s.... many of the prominent family
names headed areas - examples when Brethren were in PA, the
Leathermans headed moves to MD.... they and Arnolds headed movements
to SW PA and beyond.. Elder Wise himself moved west (ILL ?) after
starting in MD & PA... some Anthonys (originated MD) moved to PA then
to ILL and IND.... Lane (orig. PA and maybe NJ before) went to MD, to
SW PA, to OH and IND... Bail (orig MD) moved to SW PA... then later,
Elder Rueben Bail had a summer home in FLA and headed the
Florida-Georgia district.... Bail also worked in CA early 1900s at the
Brethren college there as he did at the college in VA... These are
just some names within my family. Add in other people's Brethren
ancestors, and you'll see how much Brethren migrated to new areas.
Kentucky, for example, is also historically important for many
Brethren families.

You'll find more about migrations and routes on the Brethren website.

I've always wondered how both sides of a family felt--- those who were
migrating further with excitement... and those who had chosen to stay
put.... Did the ones who stayed put ever regret their decisions?
(just something I think about)


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