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Those particular names were easy, since those families were the original
immigrants of Somerset County, and I'm related to all of them.

But in general the starting point is the "bible" of Amish Mennonite
genealogy, which is Gingrich & Kreider's "Amish and Amish Mennonite
Genealogies." Also, the Amish/Mennonites have a long running publication
that lists obituaries back to the Civil War era, and the Brethren have
publications that go back before the Civil War that lists obituaries. If
you are going back to the 18th Century, you really need to know your
history, and understand migration patterns. Most Amish, Mennonites and
Brethren traveled in groups, and settled in the same communities.

To assist in the early periods there are also numerous articles and books on
the Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren genealogy and history, including
"Mennonite Family History" magazine. "Mennonite Family History" also
includes a number of Brethren articles including a number written by Emmert
Bittinger and Dwayne Wrightsman, and of course the Fellowship of Brethren
Genealogists newsletters.

Bill Thomas

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Almost all of these family names have Somerset County connections, and were
Amish or Mennonite prior to being Brethren.

May I ask how one can tell if the surname is Amish, Mennonite or Brethren?

I was able to go back another 4 generations on one of my main lines and have

come to NEWCOMER, which I have been led to believe is Swiss and Mennonite.
How can someone tell this by the surname.

Many Blessings,

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