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Subject: Re: [BRE] A must read: Some who led; or, Fathers in the
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 22:42:00 -0400
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Evening Merle,

Yes many of us have our own personal copies of Some Who Led. As a
general primer for the "biggies" in the church in its early days it is a
handsome volume to have in your library. But for others, either too lazy to
locate a copy or just wanting things for free with no effort, the book
offered an opportunity on my part to aid history.

A word of caution to those who have been or are using that set of pages.
It is offered as is with no warranties. The images you see were generated
from a PDF file that was exported to singular TIF images and then ported
over, via JPG files, to a series of Internet pages. The original InDesign
file that the PDF file was generated from went the way of the Dodo bird...
now extinct. It, the InDesign file, got lost in the shuffle of a lost hard

You will notice that there are minor spelling errors through the series
of pages. When porting the PDF file over to an Internet friendly set of
images I was not going to redo the book as shown. It would have taken too
much time on my part to retypeset it. Yes, it could have been OCRed but
then you have to take the time to do that and then recreate the exact line,
paragraph and page breaks. 'Tis not as simple as it sounds. I will not
mention the hundred hours or so work on the photographs. 'Nuff said.

The online version will, in it's second reincarnation, have the full
list of keywords displayed in the box to the left of the image. I worked
out the work flow with a group of very generous volunteers who were kind
enough to work with me. When and if I get back to it the new material will
be posted. Hopefully in the future the pages will be search engine capable.
Funds and time is all that is required.

It has been my hope to set up a German Baptist historical site online
that would include Some Who Led as well as my other digital archives
collection. This would not be limited to just Gospel Messengers, German
Baptist History books, historically minded manuscripts and periodicals, but
would also entail my extensive collection of court records. These records,
while small in national import, do include two significant counties in
German Baptist history... Montgomery county, Ohio and Bedford county,
Pennsylvania. I have a sizeable collection of digitized estate records from
Montgomery as well as marriages (1803-1844), and select dockets. Similar
records to these are in my Bedford collection as well. It would be a paid
site to fund my endeavors and further such projects.

Now to answer your posed question. For select works, and this is purely
my choice and for my edification, I have done the same with one or two other
works. The reasons are various and are better eclipsed by my comments in
the third sentence of the first paragraph.

Wayne Webb

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> This is interesting - but I already have "Some Who Led" -
> I tried to find a listing of available books on the site - and could not
> What books are available? Wayne, is this where your books are ending up?
> Merle C Rummel

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