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Subject: [BRE] A must read: Some who led;or, Fathers in the Church of the Brethren who have passed over,
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 19:32:29 -0400
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I would strongly recommend getting this book on interlibrary loan,
which I did several years ago. It has a picture of nearly every leader
of the Brethren who it chooses to include with a bio, usually just
about a page or two in length. It is really swell to look into the eyes
of these actual leaders when they were alive, and read of their bios,
written either shortly after their deaths or maybe some while they were
still alive. There are 47 libraries that own this, and you should be
able to get a copy even though it is approaching 100 years. Maybe if
you wait until it is 100 years old you won't be able to get it any
longer?? The title is:

Some who led;or, Fathers in the Church of the Brethren who have passed
Miller, D. L. 1841-1921. (Daniel Long),
Royer, Galen Brown,; 1862- ; joint author.
Publication: Elgin, Ill., Brethren Pub. House,
Year: 1912
Description: 223 p. illus. (incl. ports.) 20 cm.

It was written in an era when one on one personal contact and
relationships were still valued. In this day and age when people write
about others who they have never known personally it is somewhat
refreshing to read such a book. Especially about so many people who
sacrificed so much for the benefit of others. A must read for everyone
on this list I would think, even those who think they know little or
even those who think the know everything about the Brethren but never
really lived like or knew personally these early Brethren who are
really worthy of being called "leaders." They may be absent from many
standard history books, but their stories speak about their own
movements, family connections, joys and sorrows. Though not
comprehensive by any means, it can provide some understanding of
various Brethren churches in America and good geographic clues to your
own families if you can tie them to the same churches or
counties/towns, as good researchers will note parallels in movements in
some of the ministers' families and their own.

Richard B.

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