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From: Merle C Rummel <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] wives of Philip Kimmel (1756-1830)
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 21:59:32 -0400
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> Merle I have a question. Where do you get all this info on these families? I
> have wanted to find out more about my Jacob Peck family but do not know
> where to look I guess. They lived around the Kimmel family but I don't know
> what church they attended a much else other than when born and died. Could
> you tell me where to look? Del

I was doing it the hard way, checking family names on Google - then
tracing them down with other informations I found all over (including Ft
Wayne Library - have a daughter who lives there -and a lovely young

Gale Honeyman introduced me to World Connect - and there are usually a
number of people who have been researching these names - tthat doesn't
mean they are correct - just like I've been asking. When a person gives
exact dates - it usually means that they have something nearly
accurate. You can expect people to have copied other peoples files, so
just finding the same data repeated doesn't mean anything. Sometimes
its family names, sometimes its churches - sometimes its counties (I
check county history files). Again, when I do get up to Ft Wayne - I
have a list ready to see what cross referencing I can do. I do a close
check on dates (you would be surprised how many people have a woman
married and having a child before she is 14 or 15, sometimes even 10 yrs
old - someone made a mistake, and others copied it -and didn't use their

I've seen the Peck name - didn't pay it much attention. The Kentucky
Kimmels lived in Muhlenberg Co - most of the Brethren (starting with
the Rhoads family) settled on the Mud and Pond rivers. Sacramento,
Bremen and Browder were places where these families lived, so the
Kimmels likely lived somewhere close. The fact that Phillip Kimmel made
salt, on the Green River, puts him north in Muhlenberg Co. The fact
that Frederick Stump, son of the minister, Francis Stump, was murdered
while fishing in the Green River, also puts them north.. I don't have a
real source about townships -sometimes they are give.

These early Brethren seldom build a church building. It was customary
to meet in homes of the members. Sometimes certain families usually had
the meeting, because they had a house big enough for the whole church.
I'm checking earliest churches (especially Baptist or Disciples) -which
include the name of a river or creek - because these often began as
Baptist Brethren. When possible, I get early membership lists - and
find some of the families included (down a couple generations).

I must admit, I have built up a collection of persons and families - a
lot of it from information you all have given on the Brethren List -
over the past 5-6 years. And I've gone back to the List Archives.
These give me leads to check, for places and families. I have not gone
to many of your family web-pages - but Google did have some of them
included in what I viewed.


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