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Subject: Re: [BRE] Elder Michael Fouts
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 12:48:42 -0600
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Dave, we need to pow-wow on this one. I have an ancillary entry for
the David E. Hoover/Mary Mast and am unable to sort it out this
morning. My comments earlier have been taken from the book titled
"Memoir of David Hoover." This is available online at

Quoting directly from the book: Part I, written in 1854 by (himself)
I was born on a small water-course, called Huwaree, a branch of
the Yadkin river, in Randolph County, North Carolina, on the 14th day
of April, 1781... (Punctuation and spelling are as itis.)
If my information is correct, my grandfather, Andrew Hoover, left
Germany when a boy; married Margaret Fouts, in Pnnsylvania; and
settled on Pipe creek in Maryland. There my father was born; and from
thence, now about one hundred years ago, he removed to North Carolina,
then a new country.
Rudolph Waymire, my grandfather on my mother's side, emigrated
from Hanover Germany after he had several children.
My father had a family of ten children, four sons and six daughters.
On the 19th of september, 1802, we loaded our wagon, and wended our
way toward that portion of what was then called the Northwest
Territory which constitutes the present state of Ohio.
After crossing the river, we pushed on to Stillwater, about twelve
miles north of Dayton, in what is now the county of Montgomery
My father then purchased two hundred acres of land, not far from
Lebanon, Indiana Warren County, as a home.
Thus time passed on until the spring of 1806...
it was not until the last of may or the first of June that the
first entries were made. John Smith then entered south of Main
street, where Richmond now stands...
(References to Society of Friends, and meeting minutes)
I therefore married a girl named Catharine Yount, near the Great
Miami; on the last day of March 1807.

AND the book goes on to discuss his being a judge.

Montgomery County, Ohio is in reality quite close to Wayne and Fayette
Counties in Indiana. It appears that THIS david moved there in 1806.

Now that I think about it, I have looked at this before and was
confused. I still am. Perhaps I have missed something this morning,
as I am busy with a project with a wife that wants it done--but the
trail the book develops appears logical; even tough there could be a
conflict with the Hoover/Mast marriage. Last summer, did you and I
discuss this? I think we may have.

If you have interest, contact me off line and we can continue this and
finish other things we were doing a while ago. I am heading to
Indiana next month for research, and perhaps can resolve this and any
other issues outstanding. Come on to SLC and let's figure it out.

I am interested in further commentary on this from anyone interested.

Ron Snowden
Orem, Utah
On Apr 9, 2008, at 11:29 AM, wrote:
> Wayne,
> I believe that the David Hoover you are referring too is:
> David E Hoover b. Mirey Spring, Md
> died 1 Jul 1841 on Stillwater, Montgomery Co.,Oh
> married 1790 Mary Mast
> married 9 Jul 1807 Elizabeth Curtis
> Parents were:
> Andrew Hoover and Anna Margaretha Pfautz
>> From my notes section:
> T. and O. Hoover, saw-mill; P. O. West Milton. Of the business men
> of Newton
> Township, none are more deserving of notice than the gentlemen
> whose names
> head this sketch; they are descended from pioneers of Ohio their
> paternal
> grandparents were among the first to leave the beautiful "land of
> summer" for the
> primeval forests of the Northwest Territory; in the fall of 1801,
> David E.
> Hoover left North Carolina for the purpose of making Ohio his future
> home; he
> located in the extreme northern part of the present limits of
> Montgomery Co.,
> in this place he passed the remainder of his days, serving one year
> as a
> member of the Ohio Legislature from Montgomery Co., and fifteen
> years as Justice
> of the Peace of Randolph Township from this it will be inferred
> that his life
> was a success and full of usefulness; he reared a family of fourteen
> children, of whom the father of our subject was next to the
> youngest; he was born in
> Montgomery Co., and his life has been given to the milling business
> on the
> Stillwater, in his native county; his wife was a Canadian by birth,
> and
> emigrated to Montgomery Co. when only 10 years old, with her
> parents; six children
> were born to Mr. and Mrs. Hoover all of whom are living. T. Hoover
> was born
> in 1844, and O. Hoover in 1846; about seven years ago, they
> purchased the
> saw-mill which they are now operating; it is located in the
> southern part of
> Newton Township, Miami County, and is supplied with ample water-
> power the year
> round besides lumber, they manufacture all kinds of turned chair
> stock. Oscar
> Hoover was united in marriage with Miss Elizabeth Bartmass, April
> 19, 1873;
> they have one child.
> Thanks,
> Dave Sloan
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