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From: "Wayne Webb" <>
Subject: [BRE] Gospel Messenger Vol. 25, No. 9, p. 155, Mar. 8, 1887
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 18:20:18 -0500

Evening List,

It is truly intriguiing what lies hidden in these old Gospel Messengers. Such a treasure! Please save this one Gale as I found only a veiled reference to the Becky's Creek congregation / meeting-house in "Allegheny Passage" on page 744. The other congregation is not mentioned at all. Thanks to Emmert, author of the aforementioned book, we know that Becky's Creek congregation was in existence at least into the early 1900s.

-Bro. Joseph A. Miller, fo the Beaver Creek church, Rockingham Co., Va., reports that the church at that place is making some progress. He, in company with Bro. Levi Miller, visited Randolp Co., W. Va., in September, and preached at Becky's Creek three days, they baptized two persons, one aged seventy-eight and the other eighty-one years. There are fifteen members at this place, with one deacon and no minister. They visited another small band of members about fifteen miles from Becky's Creek. They number twenty-one, with one minister and three deacons. From the latter place they went to Clover Creek, spent two days with the Brethren thre, and then returned home. The traveling was all done on horseback. Bro. Miller again visited Becky's Creek in October, and remained eleven days, preaching the Word. Five were baptized, and five more promised to come on the next trip. Our Virginia brethren are doing a good deal of missionary work of this kind. May the Lord bless their labors!

Wayne Webb
Editor: Brethren Roots

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