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From: "Wayne Webb" <>
Subject: [BRE] Gospel Messenger Volume 25, No. 3, Jan. 18, 1887 #1
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 12:33:44 -0500

Afternoon List,

I came across this interesting list of people from the above mentioned issue of the Gospel Messenger. Since it lists people and congregations from across the United States I thought that perhaps others might be interested in the lists. The list will be truncated into several emails, all denoted by a number at the end of the subject heading of the email, because of the size of the list. Though I will be typing the list in a paragraph format the original was in tabular columns. There may be errors on my part, and on this I apologize in advance, but give me a break as it will take several hours to type this all up.

Treasurer's Report.

The following is the report of the General Mission Committee for the quarter ending Jan. 8, 1887. All money received after the above date will appear in the next report.

Mrs. S. C. A. Conrad Grove, Ia., $1.50; Youthful Missionary Workers, Covington, Ohio, 1.20; Waddam's Grove church, Ill., 27.75; Chelsea Sunday-school, Ill., 3.15; Mound church, Bates Co., Mo., 1.75; Abilene church, Kan., 3.40; Geo. S. Byerly and wife, Lima, Ohio, 5.00; St. Joseph Valley church, Ind., 8.71; Sister Young, Knob Creek ch'h, Tenn., 2.00; Pigeon Creek church, Ill., 2.00; Logan church, Logan Co., Ohio, 29.40; Margaret Seider, Grovertown, Ind., 1.00; John Renner, Longmont, Colo., 5.00; Price's Creek church, O., 2.50; Julia A. Frame, Lane, Kan., .10; Mexico church, Miami Co., Ind., 5.50; Naperville church, Ill., 14.93; M. E. Stutzman, Rosstown, Tex., 1.00; Jesse Wagoner, .70; A brother, Chalfants, Ohio, 1.00; Mrs. A. C. Barr, .50; Collected by A. C. Schwenk, Sugar Valley, Pa., 6.35; J. Barrick, Byron, Ill., 5.00; Geo. Benner, Curlew, Wash. Terr'y, 1.70; Alex. A. Ownly, Decatur City, Iowa, 1.01; Moscow church, Idaho Territory, 5.10; Newton church, Kan., from S. E. Cornelius, 3.60; Upper Stillwater church, Ohio, 15.32; A brother, Sidney, Nebraska, 1.00; E. Walters, Masontown, Pa., 1.00; Upper Fall Creek church, Indiana, 11.00; W. D. Lichty, Iowa City, Iowa, 1.00; Covington church, Ohio, 20.10; Lydia Leedy, Andrews, Indiana, 1.00; Macoupoin Creek church, Illinois, 4.00; North Manchester social meeting, Ind., 5.00; Pleasant View S. S., Ogle Co., Illinis, .55; Lydia Miller, Ligonier, Pa., 50.00; Newton church, Miami Co., Ohio, 15.00; Panther Creek church, Iowa, 10.00; I. S. Metzger, Cerro Gordo, Illinois, 11.00; Summit church, Somerset Co., Pa., 10.18; West Branch church, Ogle Co., Ill., 3.50; Cedar Creek ch'h, Anderson Co., Kan., 2.00; Big Grove church, Iowa, 7.00; Paluse church, Idaho and Wash Ter., 1.50; Laura Shindel, Funkstown, Md., 1.00; Milledgeville church, Carroll Co., Ill., 18.25; Silver Creek church, Ohio, 16.00; Geo A. Moomaw, Northville, Dakota, .50; Jacob Gauby, Garden City, Kansas, 1.00; F. C. Myers and wife, 4028 25th St., St. Louis Missouri, 5.00; Cyrus Bucher's children, Astoria, Ill., 1.05; Geo. V. & Eliza Koller, New Phila., O., 10.00; Rachel Johnson, Santa Fe, Indiana, .30; May R. Mohler, Clyde, Kansas, .25; Hudson church, Hudson, Illinois, 7.55; Panther Creek church, Roanoke, Ill., 11.00; Lizzie Barndollar, Everett, Pa., 6.00; South Bend church, Indiana, 6.00; Mahoning church, Ohio, 11.00; Spring Creek chu'h Kosciusko Co., Ind., 2.50; Ludlow church, Darke Co., Ohio, 18.65; English River church, Iowa, 9.80; West Otter Creek church, Illinois, 2.75; Hanah Cory, Etna Mill, California, 1.00; Lirmier church, Shelby Co., Ohio, 2.40; Warrior's Mark church, Pa., 6.00; Elizabeth Grabill, West Earl, Pa., .50; Sister Gibson's Children's Mission, 10.00; Jesse Royer, Holiday Missouri, .90; Abram Toms, Cairo, Iowa, 2.00; Church of Southern California, 5.00; Daniel Emmery, Mt. Morris, Illinois, 1.00; Peter Wright, North Manchester, Ind., 1.00; Moses Hoover, North Manchester, Ind., 1.00; Mart Hoover, North Manchester, Ind., 1.00; Kingley's church, Kingley, Iowa, 8.25; J. S. Gabel, Osceola, Nebraska, 8.00; C. H. Harnley, Chatham, Illinois, 2.35; Lydia Leedy, Andrews, Indiana, 1.00; Lower Twin Valley church, Ohio, 4.35; Mary C. Wampler, Brown Co., Dak., .30; Silver Creek church, Ogle, Co., Ill., 26.50; Silver Creek church, Ogle Co., Ill. 15.14.

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