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From: "Wayne Webb" <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] looking for Mary Knee mother of David Rohrer
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2007 12:25:30 -0500
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You may want to obtain a copy of the Summer 2007 issue of "Brethren
Roots". In it I discuss in an article whom Mary Knee Rohrer was and trace
her lineage back through two generations. I located evidence other than
death certificates, which I did not have, that proved who Mayr Knee was. It
is nice to know that my argument was proven by an extraneous document. It
had been floating around for quite some time that she was a Mary Thomas
which had not a shred of documentation for proof. In short she was a
previously unknown granddaughter of Philip Knee, Sr.

And in case you get caught in the supposition presented that Jacob
Rohrer's heritage is proven you would be best served to disregard it. There
is enough evidence in the records of Jacob Rohrer of Montgomery county,
Ohio, in Pennsylvania to show who his siblings were and thus who his parents
were not. It is a case of someone looking around on the Internet and
locating a "Jacob Rohrer" that fit his Jacob Rohrer. And by the way.
David's wife was Harriet Runsche, also Runche at times, and not Runohe. Her
parents are buried not too far distant from David and Harriet but in another

If you note a certain disdain for Internet researchers then you are
correct. When it comes to the heritage of Jacob Rohrer and his wife Mary it
was the Internet that created the confusion in the first place. And of
course the originators of the misinformation will never correct their

Wayne Webb
Editor: Brethren Roots

P.S. I am forwarding to you off list an order form for the particular issue
of "Brethren Roots" that I mentioned above.

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> I found David Rohrer's death certificate & I'm trying to find
> information on his mother Mary Knee:
> David Rohrer
> b.5 Apr 1833 Ohio
> d.14 May 1910 Jefferson Twp., Montgomery, Ohio
> Son of:
> Jacob Rohrer b.Penn
> Mary Knee b.not known
> Wife:
> Harriet Runohe(?) 1832-1898
> I see a few Knee in Montgomery Co., Ohio & was hoping some of them could
> be related.
> Any help would be appreciated!!!
> Dennis

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