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Subject: Re: [BRE] Daughters of Christian Frantz II
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The Frantz books that I know about do not trace the descendants of Christian
Frantz IV beyond his son Jacob Frantz. In general, less is known about the
descendants of Christian Frantz III that those of Michael Frantz II whose
known descendants number in the tens of thousands. The Stover Brethren book
also does not seem to name the children of Jacob Frantz (son of Christian
IV) and his second wife Hannah Neff Stover. I cannot seem to find Thornton
Perry Frantz in either the Stover book or the Frantz books.


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> Thanks! That's a big help. Is there a website with the Frantz info or do
> I
> need to use the books?
> Also, on the paternal side of my family I have a great uncle (Robert Abram
> McConnell) who married c1882 Mary Frantz, b. Bot Co ca 1860, daughter of
> Thornton Perry Frantz, b 1826; son of Jacob Frantz, b1802; son of
> Christian
> IV, etc.
> Mary Frantz McConnell died (in TN I presume) c1930. Do you happen to have
> any data about her?
> Thanks!!
> Pat

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