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Well, I finally found the passenger lists for both of these ships. I was
pretty sure they were online. I think I am going to adjust my date of birth
and location for Andrew 1722 to 1724 and . Thanks Ben, that really helped
me to feel more confident about the information.

Ron, I have not personally seen the Minthorn book but I do believe she is
correct about what you quoted. " In my case, it appears that for (my) blood
relationships Andreas Huber (the Andrew Hoover of this
discussion) was the first Huber to 'come across the pond' as my Scotch
grandfather would say. I believe it was Huldah Minthorn Hoover's book that
made the comment that Andreas was the "root
ancestor in America for the former President Herbert Clark Hoover.""

Now the question is did your Andreas come over on the 'Two Sisters"
or the Friendship?

The arrival difference is only a few days. I am not clear as to if you are
saying that your line goes back to Andreas Two Sisters or Andreas Friendship
as I think it is well documented that Pres Hoover goes back to Andreas Two
Sisters by way of Ohio.


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Annette Kunselman Burgert argues in her book that the Andreas Huber who
immigrated in 1738 on "Two Sisters" was from Ittlingen - not Ellerstadt or
The ages given are incorrect. The Ittlingen Lutheran KB gives 11 children
Johannes and Ottilia Huber including Andreas b. 13 May 1724. He was
naturalized Sept 1761 as a "Quaker".

Ben Palmer

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