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These have to be my most confusing group of ancestors that I have. I keep
Andrew Hoover 1722 as Andreas Huber 1722 in my database also. It gets so
confusing as to when all of the various spellings occurred. But I have him
married to Margaret or Margaruite Fouts not a Catherine Fouts. Does anyone
have any "proof"? I think a lot that is accepted as his genealogy came as a
result of the genealogy done on Pres. Hoover and most of us are not
challenging it. I do have him born a Lutheran and that he immigrated in
1738. Some were definitely part of the Back Creek Quakers including Andrew
and they did receive letters of transfer to Ohio. I don't have any of them
down as Mennonites but since I live in Ohio, I have not personally done any
research on these families in North Carolina but I do know that there were
Mennonites in the Carolinas. I know a lot of these families in the Miami
Valley area and Indiana definitely became COB. Strange but I am not sure
which COB churches here were the earliest churches to form here. I am
thinking that Warren Co Ohio was the earliest but I may be confusing this
with the Quakers. Help Merle!

His children did not adhere to the same faith, some were COB and others
remained Quaker but it seems to be more about who they married than a
teaching from their parents.


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Andrew Hoover, (b. 23 Jan 1722 in Ellerstadt, Germany; d. in 1794 in
Randolph County, North Carolina) was likely the first Huber (or
Hubere) to adopt the surname Hoover--according to my findings. Also,
he may have been born a Lutheran--but joined the Friends some time
after his marriage to Catherine Fautz. IN my records he is referred
to as Andreas Huber. He and Catherine had 13 children--although some
may not have survived early childhood.

I would be interested in learning if anyone has more definitive
religious information on Andrew/Andreas. Andrew is not a direct
descendant, but the nephew of my ggggrandfather. I am having great
difficulty sorting out their religious traditions--which seemed to
change as they moved west. I believe my Hoovers were Mennonites,
some of whom became Brethren in Indiana. Any help will be appreciated.

And, thanks to all of you for your excellent work, and the help you
have offered over the past year.

Ron Snowden

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