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Subject: Re: [BRE] A remarkable gathering/Vaniman
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 11:47:01 EST

Hi Pam:

Yes, the remarkable gathering was the 1874 Annual Meeting of the German
Baptist Brethren, hosted by the Pleasant Hill church in the vicinity of Virden and
Girard, Illinois.

The first reference in the 1956 book "Pleasant Hill" to a Vaniman doesn't say
exactly where in Ohio he came from. Here is the reference:

"It is in the year 1863 ... that the first of the Brethren, young David
Vaniman of Ohio, arrives at Pleasant Hill.

"In the prime of his thirty-six years he comes, driving a good team to a
stout covered wagon. Riding on the seat beside him are his wife, Betsy, and
three-year-old Danny. The only daughter, Suzannah, and John, eleven years old, and
Jake, Charley, Ira, and Levi are riding by tucking themselves among the tools
and the personal possessions loaded in the wagon box.

"Bound for Missouri, David Vaniman has come following the
Indianapolis-Danville stage road. He has picked up the Alton stage line at Springfield, and now,
arriving at Virden, he stops to ask of the blacksmith whose shop stands near
the roadside, 'Are there any Dunkers living around here?'

"... Now he makes his purchase of a large acreage and sets about to build the
finest farm home in the countryside... ."

The book also mentions Daniel Vaniman, brother of David, who in 1864 arrives
in the Pleasant Hill/Virden/Girard area.

Ann Haley
Irvine, Calif.

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