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When I was a teenage at Oakland in 1965-1966, the Dunkards held the Annual
Meeting on a farm close to us and the Oakland Church of the Brethren helped
to prepare the meals. I get amused at my husband as anytime we see anyone
in garb or with a horse and buggy, he calls them Amish. Also, we have a big
range in our area of Dunkards, some are horse and buggy while others drive
In my opinion, there is still closeness between the two groups here in the
Western Ohio region. It is not unusual to have a marriage between a the two
groups or go to a Tupperware party that is attended by both. One of the
best restaurants around was in Covington, Ohio and the owners and operators
were Dunkards. Jerry Office who owned the Ponderosa bought it in hopes of
improving his Scotties Restaurants. It did not work. In my humble opinion,
there is just no way anyone can copy the expertise that the COB and Dunkard
women have when it comes to home cooking.

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Yes "Dunkards" are alive and well The group is known as Old German
Baptist and consist of about 6000 members in the US.

Prior to 1881 this group and the Church of the Brethren were one and got
nickname "Dunkard" from the method of baptism

You can google this for more information

Jim Denlinger

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