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Subject: Re: [BRE] The Dunkards - A Remarkable Gathering
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I don't know who the Titusville Morning Herald reporter was who reported
this gathering, but he/she must have been drinking something stronger than
hot coffee: "Ten thousand being expected from Illinois alone" was many
multiples more than the entire population of Brethren in Illinois in 1866.
I wonder how many from Indiana alone, and Ohio alone, were expected? And
how were all these Brethren supposed to get to Franklin County, PA, and back
in 1866? Hmmmmm......

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Subject: [BRE] The Dunkards - A Remarkable Gathering

> Titusville Morning Herald
> Titusville, PA - Thursday, Aprila 26, 1866
> "The annual meeting of that denomination of Christians called German
> Baptists, sometimes styled Dunkards, will take place May 19th, at the
> residence of Jacob Price, near Waynesboro, Franklin County, PA. The
> attendance will be quite large, about ten thousand being expected from
> Illinois alone. Provisions are being made to feed three thousand persons
> at one time. A bakery has been erected on the ground, where the bread will
> be baked as needed. About 65 or 70 barrels of flour will be prepared, and
> 20 fat oxen slaughtered as needed. The fare usually consists of bread,
> butter, applebutter, pickles, ham, beef, and hot coffee. The annual
> meeting is the same as synods, etc., of other sects, where difficult
> problems are discussed and decided. It is expected that such a multitude
> will be present at the meeting, which will continue 4 or 5 days, as was
> never in attendance at any former meeting. Worship will be held
> simultaneously in the different churches, houses and barns in the vicini!
> ty."
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