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Johannes/John, born 25 Mar 1726 in PA. We base his parentage on the
following: Conrad Beissel's letter of 1756 to Johannes Muller in Dunker's
Bottom in Virginia indicates that Johannes had a brother Henry. The Saint
Adventures of the VA Frontier p 23 indicates that Henry Miller (Heinrich
Muller) was a brother of solitary Sister Paulina (Maria Muller) in Ephrata
and was very unhappy at Mahanaim and despised the life on the New River and
the Ephrata Cloister Archives indicates that the father of Heinrich and
Maria was Heinrich/Henry Muller/Miller. He married Maria Magdalena Faber
circa 1749, either in Lancaster Co VA or the New River area of VA (no
marriage record has been found). John was residing in Augusta Co VA in 1745
and built the first mill at present-day Fincastle. He bought property in
Augusta Co VA on 14 Jan 1754. John Miller was in possession of parts of the
bottom land, and a roadside store site of 37 acres which he purchased from
Peter Shaver. On 3 Oct 1769 in Botetourt Co VA (formed from Augusta), John
Miller and wife Mary of "Roan [Rowan]" Co NC, sold this 37 acres on the
southwest (sic) side of the New River at the head of the Mill Creek,
formerly patented to Peter Shaver, to John Cloyd. The deed is signed
"Jahannes Muller" and "Marie Muller." He was residing in Augusta Co VA on
May 17, 1756, when Conrad Beissel (a leader of the Ephrata Society)
addressed the following letter to Johannes Mueller:

"Love and joy, blessings and salvation from God and his rich plentiful
grace. It cannot be denied that a certain memory lingers on with me since
you were with us the last time, but since the opportunities for spiritual
action have been out of our hands, very little could be done between us.
This opportunity to write presented itself for several causes both from
letters from you and from others as well as my mental disposition. If I can
shed light on your distress with my words my letter is well served. My
affection remains unchanged towards all the souls who were originally
enlightened . . . but were frightened to flee into a strange land by the
sinking sun dwelling in darkness of bad dreams and nocturnal ghosts,
although you were reminded: remain in the land make an honest living. You
have physically and spiritually suffered ill fortune through a deviation
from the eternal goodness and because you turned your countenance from
Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among murderers and thus you will again turn
your eyes from Jericho back to Jerusalem . . . . P.S.S. It is a tremendous
burden on my heart concerning the grace of your wife, because her physical
mother left something with me when she still lived here and since she was
very young then it has been with me until now. I think if she could be
brought to be baptized I could be relieved of my oath, she could attain her
grace and be saved. Please give my regards to her mother and tell her that
she has not been forgotton. . . .As far as your brother (Heinrich Muller) is
concerned though he is on very friendly terms with the congregation he has
not regained his brotherly rights. . . . "

John Miller registered to pay taxes in Rowan Co NC 1759 and bought property
there in 1762. He was in Rowan Co as early as 1757 when his line was
mentioned in a deed. A notation in the Moravian Diaries on 15 May 1758
indicates tha his wife's parents the Fabers went to live with their
son-in-law John Muller.

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Father: Henry Miller b: ABT 1697 in Hesse-Nassau, Germany
Mother: Clara b: ABT 1707 in Germany

Darrell Miller notes;
With Conrad Beissel writing a letter as indicated above to Johannes Mueller,
could a person surmise that Johannes Mueller could be related to the John
Peter Miller in the following?

"The title of a Father (spiritual father) was bestowed upon Beissel, whose
monastic name was Friedsam, to which the brethren afterwards added Gottrich,
implying together Peaceable, God-Right. Onesimus (Izard Eckerlin) was
constituted prior, who was succeeded by Jaebez (John Peter Miller). The
latter, on the death of Beissel, became father and head of the monastery.
This society, which had its origin at Muhlbach, "

(John Peter Miller was born before 1681 in Germany. He married Ann
Margaretha about 1701 in Germany.)

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To D. E. Miller,
Hello, D. E., I just discovered your message regarding Anton Jacob
Henckel, Heinrich and Jacob Miller of Germantown, and I thank you for
sending it along to me. I got way behind in my email processing, and had
failed to relate to your message until just now.
Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with me.
Emmert F. Bittinger
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> Emmert,
> I believe I can help a little. It concerns the family of Anthony Jacob
> Henckel Aka "Reverend Anton".
> Sixth Generation:
> Anton (Anthony) Jacob Henckel, a Lutheran pastor from the northern region
> Kraichgau area east of Heidelberg, was almost fifty when he arrived in
> 1717.
> Most of his children were christened at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in
> Daudenzell, Germany. He had been ordained in Germany and had served 25
> years
> as a pastor with various congregations in the upper east Heidelberg. He
> was
> probably responsible for organizing the first Lutheran congregations in
> Pennsylvania. He lived at Falkner's Swamp in today's Montgomery Co., PA
> and
> served the German communities throughout present-day Philadelphia and
> Montgomery Counties. He died in a fall from horseback in August, 1728 at
> the
> age of 60. Anton Jacob and Maria Elizabeth are buried at St. Michael
> Evangelical Lutheran Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA.)
> His wife was Maria Elizabeth Dentzer and their son wss
> JOHANN GERHARD ANTHONY7 HENCKEL, born 1698 in Daudenzell, Mosbach, Baden,
> Germany; died 1736 in Ephrata Cloisters, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
> see
> tml
> A daughter of Johann and his wife Anna Catherina "Unknown",
> Susanna Margaret Henckel was born 1734 in Germantown, Philadelphia County,
> Pennsylvania, and died 1809 in Ephrata Cloisters, Lancaster County,
> Pennsylvania. She married HENRY EPHRATA MILLER 1752 in New Hanover
> Lutheran
> Church, Pennsylvania, son of HEINRICH MUELLER and CLARA UNKNOWN. He was
> born
> 1728 in Ephrata Cloisters, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and died 1778
> in
> Ephrata Cloisters, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
> Note; American Genealogical Research Institute, THE MILLER FAMILY (1972),
> (Arlington, Virginia, 1972), 62, HEINRICH MILLER; born 1728, died 1778;
> married to Susannah Margaret Henkel; corporal in a Pennsylvania unit.
> He was born 1728 in Ephrata Cloisters, Lancaster County,
> Pennsylvania, and died 1778 in Ephrata Cloisters, Lancaster County,
> Pennsylvania. He married SUSANNA MARGARET HENCKEL 1752 in New
> Hannover Lutheran Church, Pennsylvania, daughter of JOHANN HENCKEL
> and ANNA UNKNOWN. She was born 1734 in Germantown, Philadelphia
> County, Pennsylvania, and died 1809 in Ephrata Cloisters, Lancaster
> County,
> Pennsylvania. Susanna Henckel Miller married a second time to Johann Peter
> Leiss b 17 Apr 1725 and died 1 Jan 1806. Susanna died 4 Jan 1806 at
> Ephrata,
> Lancaster County, PA.
> This does not answer who Jacob Miller was but maybe he was a brother to
> Heinrich Henry Miller??
> D E Miller
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> Jacob Miller history.
> A Jacob Miller lived in Germantown in the first half of the 1700s. His
> occupation was Wheelwright. His wife was Mary Magdalena.
> This Jacob signed his will on Feb. 8, 1755 and it was probated April 9,
> 1755. (K-283) The will names two sons, John and Jacob. The witnesses
> were:
> Philip Martin, Jacob Herman, Christian Lehman (Men-nonite). The Executors
> were his wife and brother-in-law, Sassmanhauren [?], and John Dewald Endt
> (Endt, a Dunker). John married Sybilla Endt, daughter of John D., and they
> both joined the Ephrata Society (Dunker) at Ephrata. The other son,
> Jacob,
> has always intrigued me. And I wonder if he wasn't the Jacob of 1735 (or
> father of) who went to Coventry and became the Dunker Elder.
> I always intended to follow through on this issue, but now it is too
> late and I am too involved in other tasks. So, my question is this: does
> anyone on the list know more about the family of Jacob Miller of
> Germantown,
> the home of the first Brethren in America, and/or is interested in
> following
> up with additional research?
> Emmert F. Bittinger

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