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Subject: [BRE] William R. Smith ancestry
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 16:44:38 -0600
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Dear Merle and Wayne

Thank you for your response. Yes, it does seem that some of this is coming
together. One of Wm R's granddaughters, Isabel Smith married Jacob Deardorff
in Putnam County, Ind. Jacob's parents were Catherine Harshbarger and John
Deardorff. Maybe this is just a coincidence that you mentioned Harshbarger in
your message, but it seems I’m finding lots of coincidences with William Smith.

Census records in Putnam County, IND show William R. Smith in the 1830 census as
between the ages of 70 to 80. That puts his birth year around 1750 - 1760.
>From your message, I see that you think he might be too young, but could be the
son of William Smith the preacher who worked with Jacob Miller. So, that’s an
interesting angle that I’ll look at. And yes, I agree. There are so many
SMITHS. I have to be extremely careful linking people together without some
solid evidence. I would appreciate any information that you might have on
William Smith. The more I can find out about him, the better. Thank you so
much. Janie Smith

Quoting Merle C Rummel <>:

> Yes - it was called the Ladoga Church - Elder Daniel Miller and his
> family were among the first there -over in Parke Co, I've named some of
> the others who went. We had a number of families move there from the
> Four Mile - before moving on west.
> Albert Harshbarger gave me considerable information on the church - but
> he died some years ago at Timbercrest Home at North Manchester IN. His
> son, Dick Harshbarger, was a classmate of mine at Manchester College,
> and remained there as a Professor. I asked him one time about
> information on the Ladoga Church - and he said to ask his dad!
> I'm still trying to unpack my library (house remodelling) - and I don't
> have access right now to one of my copies of Winger's History of the
> Church of the Brethren in Indiana - to check! (they are in one of those
> many stacks of books in the front bedroom - and back far enough I can't
> see them!) - I think I remember a William Smith listed there as the
> first pastor - and I was wondering what connection he might have to the
> Four Mile William and to the Franklin Co VA William! -but SMITH - there
> are So Many! (not necessarily Brethren though) - loose strands are
> beginning to come together!!!
> Merle C Rummel
> Church Historian
> > Merle: Thank you for your reply. Do you know if there was a Church of the
> > Brethren in Putnam County? It would be interesting to see if there are any
> > church records there that would be helpful in my search for the Smiths.
> > Thanks. Janie Smith
> >
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