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Subject: [BRE] William R. Smith genealogy
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 20:40:58 -0600

Dear Merle: Thank you for your reply to my inquiry. I am in the early stages
of my search on William R. Smith so I wish I had more to share with you. What
I do know about him is this. He purchased government land in Putnam County,
Indiana, two adjacent pieces of land, in 1825 and 1826. The records at the
General Land office show that he is William R. Smith from Union County,
Indiana. This is the same property that was later sold (to Christian Fosher)
after William’s death in 1839 and listed in his probate record in Putnam
County, Indiana. His heirs on this probate record include John Smith who
married Elizabeth Moss. Her father was Francis Moss and they are listed in your
Virginia Settlement manuscript. I have been able to find marriage records of
some of William's other heirs (presumably his children) in Franklin County and
Montgomery County, Virginia. My line, which is William R. Smith’s son, Ervin
Smith, can be traced to Franklin County, Virginia, where Ervin is listed on an
1820 census record.

William R. Smith was a Minister of the Gospel and performed some marriages in
Putnam County, Indiana, including Christian Fosher who married Emily Bun?ant on
16 July 1830 (could be Bunderant) and others, not only his son, John who married
Elizabeth Moss, but also a number of grandchildren that are part of my line.

You mentioned in your email response that you have linked some ancestors in
Union County to William R. Smith. I would be most interested in learning how
the ancestors in Union County link to him. My preliminary search shows that
all his children moved to Putnam County. So it would be of great interest to
learn the connection with those still in Union County.

In a church history about Putnam County, Indiana, there is no mention of the
Church of the Brethren. So, any help you can provide me in finding COB records
for Putnam County, if they exist, is most appreciated. Thank you. Janie Smith

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Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 06:55:28 -0400
From: Merle C Rummel <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] William R. Smith genealogy

This is the same Wm Smith as I found down at College Corner (OH/IN)? -
he lived about 3/4ths mile due north of town, on the Indiana side - as I
remember a descendant of his is still living in the home place. I had no
connection of him to the Church there (Lower Four Mile - about 1 mile
north of his place. Please give me more information on him.

Merle C Rummel
Church Historian
> Does anyone have information about William Rose Smith, born between 1750 –
> He lived in Franklin County, Virginia, moved to Union County, Indiana and
> in 1825, moved to Putnam County, Indiana. He was a Minister of the Gospel and
> might be the minister, William Smith, briefly mentioned in Rev. Merle Rummel’s
> “The Virginia Settlement or the Four Mile Church of the Brethren.” At his
> death in 1839, he was married to Martha (unknown last name). Additionally,
> some members of the Four Mile COB also moved to Putnam County. Does anyone
> know if COB church records exist or are available from that time period in
> Putnam County. (1830s+) and if so, where I can access them? Any help is most
> appreciated. Thank you. Janie Smith

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