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From: "Dwayne Wrightsman" <>
Subject: Thompson Family of Sangamon, IL, 1830s
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 21:53:31 -0400

Thompson Family of Sangamon County, Illinois, 1830s:

I am researching the founding elders and families of the Sugar Creek
Congregation of German Baptists who located in Sangamon County, Illinois, in
ca. 1830. According to the Southern Illinois District History book (1950),
by Minnie Buckingham, Sugar Creek was organized on June 20, 1830, by Elders
Isham Gibson, Joseph Roland, and John Dick. The charter members of the
congregation were the Gibsons, Vancils, Shutts, Gateses, Harmons, Searses,
Thompsons, and others (unnamed). The elders and families came out of the
Rowan and Ashe County areas of North Carolina around 1800, moving to the
Muhlenberg County, KY, area, before moving again to Sangamon County, IL, ca.

There seems to be considerable documentation for identifying all of these
persons and families, except for one: The Thompsons. Other than the
Buckingham reference, p. 32 of the Southern Illinois book, I have found
nothing to establish that there was a Thompson family in the early history
of the Sangamon County, IL, Sugar Creek Church.

Can anyone help me to identify these Thompsons?

Dwayne Wrightsman
Lee, NH

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