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Subject: Re: [BRE] Joseph Hostetler (1797-1870)
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 11:26:08 -0600
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I am a direct descendant of Adam Hostetler (1775-1826) who was a major
influence over Joseph Hostetler (1797-1870) - his nephew.

Adam Hostetler (1775-1826) married Hannah Hardman (1781-1853) 20 June 1797
in Shelby County, Kentucky - not in Pennsylvania as many sources give. Their
last child, Margaret (Hostetler) Sears (1822-1893) was my
great-great-great-grandmother. Several of the children of Adam and Hannah
are pictured in portraits between pages 870 and 871 in the book, Descendants
of Jacob Hochstetler. Joseph Hostetler (1797-1870) who would have been a
first cousin to my Margaret and her siblings, is also pictured.

I am collecting data on Joseph Hostetler (1797-1870) for an article I am
writing for the Hostetler family newsletter, but I am simultaneously
interested in anything on the Hostetler, Hardman, Hon/Honn, Sears, etc.
families. Thanks.
David Kent Coy in Decatur, Illinois

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Subject: Re: [BRE] Joseph Hostetler (1797-1870)

> The Joseph Hostetler, minister at the Lost River Church, Orange Co IN, was
> called the "boy preacher". (Lost River disappears underground for about
> 20 miles in Orange Co - comes back up -there is a stream bed the whole
> distance.) He seems to have been well known -an outstanding preacher. He
> spoke at Annual Meeting in 1821 and persuaded the Brethren to accept the
> Revival concept of single immersion baptism as a valid baptism for
> salvation. The eastern Annual Meeting Elders reacted to this and 5 years
> later overturned the decision. In the process they sent teams of Elders
> to the Kentucky/Indiana area. In all the cases I have found, these Elders
> found "major" fault with the Brethren here on the Frontier. The Elders
> told eastern Brethren moving west - to "Avoid" these "strange brethren".
> Brethren Historian Abraham Cassel says they didn't abide by the Brethren
> Order of plain dress and they were too worldly, that they were too zealous
> in worship. He says that 1500 families were lost to the church as a
> result of this action. The Lost River Church was one of the "Brethren
> Association" churches of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, went with the Revival,
> and changed its name to Liberty Church.
> I have that the grandfather of Joseph Hostetler of Lost River, was Elder
> Adam Hostetler, of Clark Co IN - the Olive Branch Church (after the
> Revival - I don't know what its name was before -as Brethren). Elder Adam
> Hostetler was put on the ban by the Annual Meeting Elders during the
> dispute - I visited his grave this past summer. This family came from the
> Beech Creek Congregation at Mt Eden KY - where George Boone had been a
> minister, and other families were Ribble, Henley, Stutsman, Hardman,
> Leatherman, Bower, Shock, Tanner, Snider, and Miller.
> Merle C Rummel
> Church Historian
>> I am interested in any data concerning Joseph Hostetler, who was born 27
>> Feb. 1797, near Mount Eden, Kentucky and died 27 Aug. 1870, near
>> Lovington, Moultrie County, Illinois, with burial in Kellar Cemetery,
>> Lovington Township, Moultrie County, Illinois. He was a son of Abraham
>> Hostetler and Agnes (Hardman) Hostetler. Joseph Hostetler was a preacher
>> and a medical doctor. He was married twice, to Elizabeth Hardman
>> (1795-1865) in 1816 and to Lavina Gregory in 1866. He was the father of
>> the following children by his first wife, Susan, Daniel Josephus J.,
>> Solomon Newton, John Ellis, Nancy Lavina, William Newlan, Maria Louisa,
>> Robert Warren Louis, Joseph Abraham White, Franklin Lycurgus, and
>> Christian Matthew Levi Hostetler. He is located in the following census
>> records: 1820 and 1830 - Orange County, Indiana, 1840 - Lawrence County,
>> Indiana, 1850 - Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, 1860 - Washington County,
>> Indiana, and 1870 - Moultrie County, Illinois. Any assistance
>> appreciated. !
> Th!
>> anks.
>> David Kent Coy
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