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Lynn, while I can't answer your question about the relationship of the Shoup
persons that you mentioned. I can add more Shoup information that might
help those of you doing research of the various Shoup families. I have the
following information on Shoups in Frederick Co., MD; Bedford Co., and
Cambria Co., PA.

Jacob [D3] and his wife, Elizabeth, were still in Frederick Co. on 28 June
1773 when they sold their last parcel of land of 100 acres called "Legacy"
to Martin Shaup (sic) for 184. [Frederick Co., MD Deed Book, Libre T,
folio 25]. The land was located near Kitocton (sic) Mountain on a branch of
Middle Creek. Jacob and Elizabeth Neff had purchased the property for 33
pounds on 19 May 1761 from Isaac Snively of Lancaster Co., PA. [Deed G -
202]. I have not found a deed showing how Isaac obtained the land. Also
of interest is the fact that Jacob's mother Catherine Neff [widow of Jacob
Neff (D)] sold Martin Shoup 100 acres of land called "Addition to Legacy" on
20 Nov. 1775 for 184 pounds. [Deed Libre U, folio 406] This appears to be
the 100 acres of extra lands that Jacob Neff (D) willed to his wife, namely:
"one hundred acres of land betwixt the Mountains, which I bought from Daniel
Dulany fifty acres and from Nedley Thomas the other fifty acres"? Please
note that in these paragraphs there are 3 Jacob Neffs numbered D, D3,
D31 -father, son and grandson.

After 1773 Jacob and Elizabeth Neff [D3] appear in Bedford Co., PA where two
of their grandchildren married two of Martin Shoup's grandchildren.
Preceding them to Bedford County were their son Jacob Jr. [D31] and wife
Catherine who had sold their land in Frederick County containing 33 acres on
22 March 1769 to William May. [Deed Libre- M, folio 145] Susannah Shoup in
the following families is reported to be a daughter of Martin Shoup. She
married Johannes Smay in Frederick Co., MD.

.D314 Abraham NEFF was born about 1774 in Bedford Co., PA, Woodbury Twp.
Abraham died before 7 July 1825 in Cambria Co., PA, Summerhill Twp. He
married Susannah SMAY before 1802. She was born about 1776. She was the
daughter of Johannes SMAY and Susannah SHOUP. Known children of Abraham NEFF
and Susannah SMAY are:

.D3141 George NEFF b. June 1802

.D3142 Elizabeth NEFF b. 11 January 1804 d. 31 March

.D3143 Jacob NEFF b. 1805 d.

.D3144 Daniel NEFF b. 1807 d.

.D3145 Son NEFF b. after 1810

.D3146 Daughter NEFF b. after 1810

Susannah's name is from a deed in which Abraham and Susannah sold the land
they lived on in Summerhill Twp. to John Martin of Woodbury Twp., Bedford
Co., PA. 3 June 1823.

In July 1825 there was a Sheriff's sale of Abraham's land on which Jacob
Neff was living. Abraham was deceased

deed 6 July 1826 John McGough Sherill to John Corfer Chattles, Lands and
Tenements of Abraham late of Summerhill Twp., Cambria Co., PA.

In the 1793-1795 tax lists for Bedford Co., PA as a "single freeman" (16-21
years old) with father Jacob Neff

Moved to Cambria Co about 1810

In the 1820 census for Summerhill Twp. Cambria Co. PA. p 150

Males: 1, 0-10; 2. 10-15; 1, 16-18 (1, 16-26 same as 16-18); 1 over 45

Females 1, 0-10; 1, 16-26; 1, over 45.

This family is probably not complete and we lack primary proof of the
children that we list. The family has been constructed from secondary
sources but matches the 1820 census..

Susannah is Susannah Neff in her father's will. Abraham and his wife
Susannah sold land to John Martin of Woodbury Twp. Bedford Co. who was
married to Catherine Sumay, daughter of Christian and Catherine (Neff)

The marriage record of son Jacob conforms that he and his brothers and
sisters were children of Abraham and Susannah (Smay) Neff.

.D315 Catharine NEFF was born 17 March 1776 in Bedford Co., PA, Woodbury
Twp. Catharine died about 1856 in Cambria Co., PA. She married Christian
SMAY. He was born 6 August 1772 in Frederick Co., MD. He was the son of
Johannes SMAY and Susannah SHOUP. Christian died 15 September 1845 in
Cambria Co., PA. Known children of Catharine NEFF and Christian SMAY are:

.D3151 Susan Smay b. 13 February 1791 d. 1861

.D3152 Hannah SMAY b. 13 January 1795 d. 1848

.D3153 John SMAY b. 22 December 1798 d. 25 August

.D3154 Catherine SMAY b. 18 June 1800

.D3155 Barbara SMAY b. 3 May 1802 d. 14 October 1884

.D3156 Jacob SMAY b. 27 December 1803 d. 30 June 1872

.D3157 Elizabeth SMAY b. 27 July 1806

.D3158 Christian SMAY b. 22 February 1808 d. 4 September

.D3159 Esther / Hester SMAY b. 8 August 1810

.D315A Mary / Polly SMAY b. 21 September 1812 d. 16 August

From J.F. Murray's Neff Families and their Descendants 1991; p.19

They lived in Bedford Co PA in 1833

Information on descendants is from Charles M. Chesnutwood. 2003

1820 Census for Cambria co., PA page 180

Males: 1, 0-10; 1, 10-15; 1, 16-26; 1, over 45

Females: 2, 0-10; 1, 10-15; 1, 16-26; 1 over 45.

I do know that the D Line of Neffs were Church of the Brethren having joined
the Brethren in Coventry Twp. Chester Co., PA by 1730. The Neff family
moved about 1740 to what became Frederick Co., MD. The Shidler/Shideler;
Swihart/Swinehart family are Neff descendants. In Bedford Co., PA surnames
like Smay/Schmeh; Deeter/Teeter/ Lingenfelter, Bowman/Bauman; Martin; and
Hill married into the Neff relationship.

The Neffs of D Line are my ancestors as well through my grandmother, Barbara
Neff Murray. However, I have not researched the background of the lines
that married into this Neff line.

Lynn, you also mention a Milo Schermerhorn. Is Milo correct or was his name
Marlo? Marlo K. Schermerhorn researched and wrote "The Lucas Jacobse
Schermerhorn" Book. In this book he records a daughter of the family of
James Allen Shoup. Marlo was a distant relative of mine on my Murray -
McKibbin side. He gave me a copy of his Schermerhorn book when I visited
him years ago in the 1970s in his home in LaGrange, IN. This was several
years before he died. In checking the index of his book I find no MIlo
named in any of the several spelling of the Schermerhorn name.

Lynn, I appreciate very much your e-mail. One more comment. Hopewell Twp is
in the north part of Bedford Co., PA next to Woodbury Twp. This area and
north into what is today southern Blair Co., was the area of the Brethren

Best regards,

John Murray

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Subject: [BRE] Shoup family

> After receiving a copy of Brethren Roots today and reading about George
> Shoup I looked in my copy of Descendents of Sebastain Shoup by Milo
> Schermerhorn. It seems that descendents of John Henry(Hens Heinrich)
> Shoup came to the US from SW and settled in Fredrick Co MD which just
> happens to be the same area that George Shoup and Moses Shoup which are
> mentioned in the Brethren Roots article is located. A Henry Shoup made
> his will in Fredrick Co, MD and was probated on 7-16-1796 according to pg
> 14 of the Schermerhorn book. His son,Sebastain, which is mentioned in the
> will migrated to Hopewell Twp,Bedford Co,PA. Sebastian built a fort to
> protect the pioneers there from the Indians( Shoup's fort). and his great
> granddaughter Margaret /Peggy Shoup married George Steele,grandson of John
> George Steele who was the grandfather of Jacob S Steele, a bishop in the
> Brethren Church.
> Now for my question. Does anyone know of the connection between George
> Shoup, Moses Shoup and Sebastain Shoup? According to Rootsweb World
> Connect Rev Moses Shoup and George Shoup were brothers. Could Sebastain
> Shoup have been relative of these Shoups? I do know that the original
> name of both families was Schaub in SW. I just seems to interesting that
> the families with the same names and some of the same naming patterns are
> not related in someway. It seems my question of sometime back, asking if
> the Shoups in Bedford Co, PA were Brethren has been answered even though
> they were in the Rev War. I also know that before the Rev War the line
> between Fredrick Co,MD and Bedford Co, PA was not fixed and that the
> pioneers that lived there went back and forth between MD and PA not
> knowing where the line was exactly. Lynn Hilty Sewell
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