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I am a direct descendant of Carey Toney, and would like to know if you have
any more information of him and his family.
I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, due to his
service in the Revolution. Please advise to:
Opal Seals, 10 Fairway Lane, Meadowlakes, TX. 78654, phone 830-798-0219, or
email to:

Many thanks, Opal Seals
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> Elder Jacob Rife (1826-1903) was at the Four Mile Church -following Elder
> Abraham Moss (d. 1860), and just previous to Elder Carey Toney. He lived
> about 1 mile north of the Four Mile Church during his eldership, but sold
> the farm to Carey Toney, and my mother-in-law was born there - as Carey
> gave it to his daughter when she married Cornelius Petry (Elder after
> Carey Toney). Jacob Rife then moved back to his father's farm, a mile
> west and south of Boston IN -on the Wayne-Union County line. He is buried
> in the Elkhorn Cemetery, just off US27 at the Elkhorn River bridge, south
> of Richmond IN. Jacob Rife was the youngest son of John Rife and Francis
> (Crist) Rife who came to Indiana about 1816 from near Winchester VA. The
> Rife family was prominent near Hagarstown MD, and traces back to the
> Coventry Church.
> The New Bethel Church was one of the meetinghouses served by Four Mile.
> This later Church in Fayette Co was one the Fiant farm, and is still
> standing. It was a successor to the original Whitewater Church north of
> Liberty IN, on the Whitewater River - as the Fiants moved west to better
> farmlands. I found the headstones of both Daniel Fiant and his wife,
> Salome (Gaby) Fiant in a small cemetery at the back of the farm -up on the
> rise to the south-east. Daniel and Salome Fiant came to Indiana Territory
> in 1802, and settled on the west side of the Whitewater River near
> Yankeetown. This was where the Delaware Indian Trail forded the
> Whitewater River, and the ford became known as "Fiant's Ford". This was
> before Indiana Territory was opened to settlement, so they were illegal
> "squatters".
> In Fayette Co, the Strong farm was east of the Fiant Farm. I could drive
> there for you, but I couldn't tell you directions to the places. Younger
> members of the family were buried at Springersville, just inside Fayette
> Co, north of IN44 (between Liberty and Connersville). Both family farms
> were north of Springersville. The Fiant Road angles into the eastern
> section of Connersville (east of the Middle Branch of the Whitewater
> River) as Fiant Street.
> per above - you've seen my information collection in the "Virginia
> Colony" - I would be glad to see what you might be able to add to it. I
> was unable to trace the families past second/third generation.
> Merle C Rummel
>> I am researching the STRONG and FIANT families of Fayette and Union
>> Counties of Indiana. They were part of The Virginia Settlement -- or The
>> Four Mile Church of the Brethren.
>> On SUSANNA STRONG's obituary, her funeral service was conducted by REV.
>> Several other obituaries of relatives in that area, show REV. RIFE
>> conducting services.
>> Does anyone have any information about him -- or the church he worked
>> from.?
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