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I am a direct descendant of Carey Tony - and have joined the Daughters of
the American Revoluntion thru his line. Please send me any information you
might have on him, and his family..Thank you so much. Opal Seals, 10
Fairway Lane, Meadowlakes, TX. 78654, phone 830-798-0219, email:

Thanks, Opal Seals
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> Elder Jacob Rife (1826-1903) was at the Four Mile Church -following Elder
> Abraham Moss (d. 1860), and just previous to Elder Carey Toney. He lived
> about 1 mile north of the Four Mile Church during his eldership, but sold
> the farm to Carey Toney, and my mother-in-law was born there - as Carey
> gave it to his daughter when she married Cornelius Petry (Elder after
> Carey Toney). Jacob Rife then moved back to his father's farm, a mile
> west and south of Boston IN -on the Wayne-Union County line. He is buried
> in the Elkhorn Cemetery, just off US27 at the Elkhorn River bridge, south
> of Richmond IN. Jacob Rife was the youngest son of John Rife and Francis
> (Crist) Rife who came to Indiana about 1816 from near Winchester VA. The
> Rife family was prominent near Hagarstown MD, and traces back to the
> Coventry Church.
> The New Bethel Church was one of the meetinghouses served by Four Mile.
> This later Church in Fayette Co was one the Fiant farm, and is still
> standing. It was a successor to the original Whitewater Church north of
> Liberty IN, on the Whitewater River - as the Fiants moved west to better
> farmlands. I found the headstones of both Daniel Fiant and his wife,
> Salome (Gaby) Fiant in a small cemetery at the back of the farm -up on the
> rise to the south-east. Daniel and Salome Fiant came to Indiana Territory
> in 1802, and settled on the west side of the Whitewater River near
> Yankeetown. This was where the Delaware Indian Trail forded the
> Whitewater River, and the ford became known as "Fiant's Ford". This was
> before Indiana Territory was opened to settlement, so they were illegal
> "squatters".
> In Fayette Co, the Strong farm was east of the Fiant Farm. I could drive
> there for you, but I couldn't tell you directions to the places. Younger
> members of the family were buried at Springersville, just inside Fayette
> Co, north of IN44 (between Liberty and Connersville). Both family farms
> were north of Springersville. The Fiant Road angles into the eastern
> section of Connersville (east of the Middle Branch of the Whitewater
> River) as Fiant Street.
> per above - you've seen my information collection in the "Virginia
> Colony" - I would be glad to see what you might be able to add to it. I
> was unable to trace the families past second/third generation.
> Merle C Rummel
>> I am researching the STRONG and FIANT families of Fayette and Union
>> Counties of Indiana. They were part of The Virginia Settlement -- or The
>> Four Mile Church of the Brethren.
>> On SUSANNA STRONG's obituary, her funeral service was conducted by REV.
>> Several other obituaries of relatives in that area, show REV. RIFE
>> conducting services.
>> Does anyone have any information about him -- or the church he worked
>> from.?
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