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Subject: Jacob Miller
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 13:33:40 -0500

In response to who the Dunkard preacher Jacob Miller of Montgomery
County OH was, the clue in his identification is found in Dr. Peter
Smith's writings with just one word, "old". Jacob Miller born c1735,
moved from the headwaters of Blackwater River in Franklin County VA into
what was then the northern climes of Hamilton County about the year
1800, spreading the gospel as practiced by the Dunker's. He was an
established resident when Montgomery County was set off in 1803, living
in Jefferson Township. 1805 is the year set as the organization of the
Lower Miami Dunker [Church of the Brethren] congregation by Elder Jacob
Miller, the first of the denomination in the Miami Valley of Ohio. The
Doctor was born in 1753, so old to him would most likely have mean
someone born before his own birth. This Jacob Miller is the subject
much expanded upon in the Summer 2005 issue of 'Brethren Roots'.


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>From "An Indian Doctor's Dispensatory" by Dr. Peter Smith.

"There is an herb cultivated by the Germans, on the west side of the big
Miami, I think it is in Montgomery county, particularly, I have been
by the old Dunkard preacher, Jacob Miller."

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