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Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 21:26:16 -0700
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I have the source of the non-associator list used by Peden, which Emmert
Bittinger told me about. The list is from several issues of the 1916
Maryland Historical Magazine, a quarterly publication. I made copies of
selected pages at the Historical Society of Frederick County (September and
December issues). They also had a copy of Peden's book. However, I believe
you can also get copies of the Maryland Historical Magazine at other
Maryland libraries including that of the Maryland Historical Society. If
you are primarily interested in non-associators the Maryland Historical
Magazine is a better source, and contains information not in Peden's book.
The non-associator list is only twenty-two pages long. Peden's book
contains both associator's with the non-associators.

Bill Thomas

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> MARYLAND, 1775-1783. by Peden Jr., Henry C.? It's out of print and no
> bookseller seems to have a copy. I'm particularly interested in what
> was referred to as a non-associators list. Would love to get a a copy.
> Roger Rhoads
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