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Subject: Re: RE: [BRE] Brethren Encyclopedia Vol. 4
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Dawna--The encyclopedia carries articles usually of several paragraphs about
the congregation, or church if it was in existence longer than five years.
Each article will include some of the important history of that
congregation, ministers who pastored and who were called to the ministry, or
advanced in the ministry in that congregation, deacons and Sunday School
superintendants. The articles do not include membership lists but may
include the total number of members. Generally, whatever the writer(s) knew
about the congregation is included. Oftentimes the records of a
congregation have been lost over the years and membership lists are not
known. Jane Davis.

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> Do these encyclopedias list members of congregations? or Just the
> congregations themselves. I am still a Newbie as far as Brethren reasearch
> is concerned.
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> Evening List,
> 'Tis a shame about the delay in getting out the latest volume. I have
> typeset several 600 page books and know the difficulties involved. This
> does not
> take into account the accumulation of data and the cross referencing of
> it. I
> still am amazed when I look back at past issues of Brethren Roots done by
> myself and see errors in spelling and grammar. This after each article has
> been
> checked by the author, myself and Roger Rhoads.
> While not involved with the staff at Brethren Encyclopedia I can
> certainly feel empathy with them for the task. I know it took me the
> better part of a
> year to do one early 20th Century Brethren book exactly as in the original
> only to discover minor errors. I am sure that after it comes back from my
> cousin
> who is a professional checker[or whatever the proper term is] I will have
> a
> multitude of errors to correct. Try taking a book and ensuring that all of
> the
> original line breaks, sentence breaks, paragraphs breaks, etc., etc., are
> as in
> the original.
> I spent a month indexing the Southern District of Ohio 1920/1921 book.
> Granted I am a stickler for detail but an index is equally important in
> the
> creation of any book. The better the index the more worthwhile the final
> publication. The Southern District index added an additional 50 pages to
> the 600 page
> original and I worry whether I may have missed something that may be
> import to
> someone.
> It is a shame I was not aware of the need of the staff at Brethren
> Encyclopedia as indexing is one of my specialties. Especially if they
> perhaps used
> the same program as I because I can verily fly through the indexing
> process.
> I did notice that the graphics used in BE were not "touched" and were
> the
> same as in the original publications. Whomever had control of this process
> needed to remove the fading that inevitably occurs. This is more a process
> of
> the quality of the original photo and the printing thereof. Some of the
> photos
> used in the Southern Disitrct took me hours to "repair." The effort was
> well
> worth it as they look as new. Those who are members of FOBG and receive
> Brethren
> Roots will know of the quality of photo reproduction that I strive to
> attain.
> Wayne
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