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There is an Adam Hoover's will dated13 May 1797, proved 13 Aug 1814 in
Washington Co MD, leaving sons Christian and Samuel a tract of land
named Clover Plain on Clover Creek in Morrison's Cove PA, John, Adam,
grandchildren of my daughter Susanna viz., Catherine, Elizabeth &
Susanna all underage, son David and to the children of David Beicher &
Elizabeth, names not given. He goes on to name the children of his
later marriage to his present wife Catherine, to be equally divided
amongst them and to receive their shares as they arrive at age, George,
Christian, Samuel, Margarite, Catherine, Frederick, John and William.

It seems strange that he would have three sons each with the names of
Christian, Samuel and John, but that is how the will is worded. The
mention of land on Clover Creek in Morrison's Cove throws a cloud over
the identity of the Christian's.

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Where did Johann Adam Hoover live?
Carol J. Hoover

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