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Subject: Brueders Thal to Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, pt. 2
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 21:05:08 EDT

Afternoon List,
I must say that the Western District of Pennsylvania history is lacking
in many regards concerning Cooper's statements. The Eastern District book
covers some of the statements but is many miles removed from Stony Creek and is some
accounts third and fourth hand accounts. J. Maurice Henry in his 1936
Maryland Brethren book covers almost none of this. Remember that at the time most of
the below questions are placed it Somerset county was acutally Bedford county
and in some regards still Cumberland county. Now to my questions:
Is there any documentation, primary and not Internet hearsay, that the
Jacob Miller mentioned was ever actually in the Stony Creek congregation?
Supposedly Mr. Cooper saw, but never copied, a listing of the ministerial body
written in 1809 stating that in 1765 Jacob Miller was ordained, and was at that
time(1809) in the Miami Valley of Ohio? You see glimpses of Millers, not the
Michael Miller group, in this region and the congregational parents of the Stony
Creek congregation, that may be relatives but not being a researcher of Jacob
Miller I can not attribute him to them. Case in point. Mr. Cooper relates that
a lawsuit in regard to the Whiskey Rebellion lists Peter Martin(son of Elder
G. A. Martin), Elder Philip Kimmel, Michael Miller, John Miller, Abraham Cable,
Jr.(son of Deacon Abraham Cable), Jacob Huff, Abraham Miller, John Martin(son
of Elder G. A. Martin), Jonathan Pollard, Nicholas Miller and George
Sell(Sill). I would love to find the original court papers for the lawsuit in Bedford
Is there any proof that John Garber was even actually in
Somerset(Bedford) county? I recall seeing the surname in Bedford records but can not now
locate them. I have always wondered what the connection is of John Kagey of
Somerset county with the Keagy family of Morrison's Cove. As I discovered when
researching the Hay(Hoh) famly of the Cove they were related to the Hay family of
Brothers Valley. I suspect that researchers are missing a lot of their research
because they have not understood that as Brothers Valley was being populated
prior to 1770 families with identical surnames were also emigrating to
Morrison's Cove.
Are there representatives of the Stoner family who were in the Stony
Creek congregation area? Is Mr. Cooper leading us down a path of misinformation?
Mr. Cooper makes the statement that John Zigler lived for a while in Brothers
Valley before moving to Virginia. How is he related to the Johannes Ziegler who
was one of the founders of the town of Berlin. I relate from "The Genealogy
of the Oldfather Family" a reference to the founding of Berlin, Somerset
county, Pa.
"The names of the twenty heads of families were as follows: Jacob
Geideler, Jacob Keffer, John Nicholas, Peter Kober, Valentine Laudt, Peter Loeble,
Jacob Fischer, Frank Hay, Walter Heil, Jacob Glessner, Henry Glessner, Peter
Glessner, Friedrich Altvater, John Eideneger, Peter Sweitzer, Michael Boger,
Godfrey Knepper, Peter Weigerly, Nicholas Foust and Nicholas Miller."
As mentioned by Mr. Cooper the Bowmans of Virginia were from the Stony
Creek area. Are they related to the Bowman family of Morrison's Cove? Could this
be a connection between Elder Jacob Miller and David Bowman who would later
be part of the Lower Miami congregation of Ohio? Was Mr. Cooper correct about
Daniel S. Arnold or again only making assumptions?
Tantalizing questions that Mr. Cooper raises. But what amount of truth
can we attribute to them? Obviously a transcription of the tax and land warrant
records of Cumberland county, Pennsylvania would answer a lot of questions.

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