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Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 10:27:07 -0400
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Thanks Merle for you perspective. I'm am hoping this approach will help me
determine where my David Miller came from. David could very well have come
to Washington Co., Pa. with some of these Brethren families. If we can
better understand the connections between Millers and these families along
this migration route, perhaps we will have a better chance of finding
David's parentage.

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> Yes, I've been watching with interest all these mailings on Washington
> Co PA -it is definitely a part of the Brethren migration west. It has
> a unique double position of being "far west" on the "old" frontier -in
> the expansion across Pennsylvania, and yet being only one important
> frontier stopping point before the big jump to the Ohio River and to the
> new Frontier in Kentucky and its progression into Ohio, Indiana,
> Illinois and Missouri of the 1780s and earliest 1800s.
> I don't really know what kinds of proof you are attempting to find.
> Washington Co PA for a while was one step closer to the Ohio Frontier -
> but then Kentucky/Ohio became a step to the Missouri Frontier -which
> opened up the Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail -and the migrations on
> west. The Brethren continued moving on to new farmlands west,
> especially as the children grew up and needed lands for their own
> families. A second incentive was in the attraction of neighbors finding
> what they felt was a new "paradise" -and a group making plans (a
> "colony"). One early statement about the migration across America was:
> "It got too crowded, when you could see the smoke of your neighbor's
> chimney."
> Merle C Rummel
> Church Historian
> >Wondering if you have noted my posts concerning the Brethren families in
> >Washington Co., Pa. Seems that in the latter 1700's there was a
> >concentration of Brethren families in West Bethlehem Twp. including
> >Hill, Adam Weaver, James Beatty, Anthony Hardman, Daniel Leatherman,
> >Spohn, Peter Wise, Gaspar Feester, William Miller among others. Perhaps
> >of them were part of the Ten Mile and Plum Run Brethren churches in that
> >area. And it appears many of them came from northern Md. Of course, I
> >trying to find a common theme for tracing the migration of my David
> >
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