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Subject: Re: [BRE] Miller and related families--James Beatty
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 17:54:02 EDT


First, Cathy Martin and I are both interested also in migration patterns (1)
from where? to Frederick Co MD to Washington Co PA and (2) from Frederick Co
MD to Washington Co PA. I'm sure she's watching your posts on these families.

And second, I wanted you to know I'm "listening" but don't yet have much to
say back. I'm waiting for your Leatherman and Wise, and looking at everyone
else you are posting. I'm looking for Hartsock, Henry Tanner minister also-- if
anyone knows them in Washington Co late 1700s up to death.

Do you have charter papers on Plum Run? You mention trustee... what is the
source for that info?

Wanted to mention a couple things for the Census in this county 1850 to
1920.... I'm finding that sometimes married women went to her parents' to live
(ex. illness) and they are enumerated under their maiden name instead of married
name. (Husband with his parents.) Was this common for Brethren or just usual
for enumerators? Second, many Brethren ministers this this county were
listed wrongly as Meth Minister (Methodist). There also seems to be real
confusion in Obits, wrongly naming Ten Mile COB as United Brethren.

Anyway, keep writing. If I have something helpful, I'll share it.


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