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There is evidence from Brethren sources of a few events in Christopher
Guice life... lst his joining the Germen Baptist when Michael Frantz was
pastor of Conestoga congregation....2nd as earliest minister of the
Catawba congregation of N. Car. He received a King's Patent for 150
acres of land on the west side of Catawba River on Oct 30, 1756... sold
this land in Mar 1768 to Peter Krits and several years later was
identified by Morgan Edwards (historian) as one of the Brethren
ministers in Va.

In 1784 the state of N. Car. Gave Guice and his sons Christopher and
Jonathan 640 acres of land each for non combatant service for protection
of the Cumberland River settlements (later Davidson Co. Tn) 1780-1782.
His death...Ca. 1795.

I have no further info..

Ferne Baldwin
Manchester College

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Subject: Re: [BRE] The Irish and the Dunker...

I have seen some information on Christopher
Guice and know he was a Minister of the
Brethren Church. He established a Church in Nashville, Tn.. I would so
appreciate any infor
mation you might have found on Christopher
while he lived in Nashville and where his
Church might have been, or what the name
of it was, any memers names?
Not too many years later some
of the families I am researching moved to
Nashville and they were Brethren Dunkers.
I am trying to figure out where the first
settlement of these people may have been
as I believe Christopher Guice to be one of
the earliest settlers.

With Regards

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