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From: winter dellenbach <>
Subject: Pietism & Brethren Frontier migration
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 07:00:17 -0800
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Would someone please explain to me what Pietism means in plain
language. I am born and raised in the church, but have never understood
this concept even when reading about it - it always seems vague and
abstract. winter
On Friday, March 18, 2005, at 03:12 AM, Merle C Rummel wrote:

> The Brethren looked for good farmland. This was mostly done for the
> benefit of the "next" generation. However -being good Christians,
> they held the Sabboth (Sunday) as sacred and even the least of the
> families tried to have worship in their house -from the Pietist
> tradition they would invite anyone around to worship with them. This
> was especially true if they were already ministers or deacons. For
> many on the Frontier, this could be the only "church" service in the
> region. The Methodists, also being of Pietist origin, did the same.
> The difference came in the language -the Brethren tending toward
> German, the Methodists toward English. English was the common
> language -and Methodism grew. I enjoyed one comment made of a
> Brethren Preacher. "He was a profound preacher. He preached in
> German. His sermons were intently listened to by his congregation,
> even though none of them understood German." (Old Grape Vine Church
> -Hazard Co KY)
> Merle C Rummel
> Church Historian
>> I am starting to think
>> the Brethren were Missionaries who moved
>> not for land, but to establish new Churches.
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