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Sandra ae you saying the word Pa as in Daddy is Dutch? Betty
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> Listmembers,
> If the people were Brethren Baptist German Dunkers maybe the Speakers
> read the
> Scriptures in German, even long after they had
> many nonGerman members. Since I am not Catholic I did not realize this
> fact, but recently found out the reason the Mass was spoken Latin is
> because it was to be a Universal language of the Church, so no matter
> where people moved or what language they spoke the message would still
> be the same. This might have been true as the German Dunkers first
> settled in the the US and changed through the years. There were many
> diverse settlements early on in the history of the US, but there were
> also many regions that were primarily of one
> Ethnic group. I would imagine with folks in
> Pennsylvania being called Pa. Dutch,,
> many did speak German and probably German
> was spoken more than we realize in the
> United States. There was a time when German
> was a required class for premed students.
> With Regards
> Sandra
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