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From: "robert patterson" <>
Subject: The Irish and the Dunker...
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 07:39:09 -0500

Sharon Mills,

I found Mr. Rummels information to be very useful. I could find no reason
that my ancestor, Jonathan Patterson, could be a member of the "Dunker's
Church", as found in Perrin's History of Kentucky. We are leaning towards
Ulster Scot, for Jonathan's ancestry. How could he be a member, of what I
thought was an exclusive German group? Pietist traditions...

In the frontier small groups gathered to study and worship. They welcomed
all neighbors and if I am understanding what Mr. Rummel tried to explain to
me, this decision got them into hot water with the mainstream Brethren
culture. However, it probably brought the community closer together.

Your ancestors could also be seen in this light. Brethren and Irish.

Robert Patterson, Jr.

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