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Subject: Re: [BRE] Re: Samuel Garber b 1756 - d ?1814 Tennessee
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 23:03:57 EST

Gladys and other Garber-Miller researchers,

I noticed this post on Samuel Garber, how his family was from York Co PA,
traveled to Frederick MD, then on to Flat Rock, Shenandoah/Rockingham Co Va.

Am I correct this family may have been in the area of Beaver Dam congregation
in Frederick Co MD ? And second, is there a known relationship to Martin
Garver of Frederick Co MD?

I am curious because my John LANE was also in Frederick Co MD - living with
Martin Garver. In searching for John Lane's parents, one possibilty is that he
*maybe* was related to the LEHNs of York Co (which I found out recently were
also Brethren). Our John LANE appears in 1794 in MD "with no parents in this
State (Maryland)."

I'm also curious because our LANE family is intermarried with GARBERs in
Washington Co Pennsylvania -- where John Lane, wife & kids moved about 1809. We
have a Samuel Garber in our family as well. (I believe his middle name was

To my knowledge so far, we do not have MILLERs in the LANE family. (On the
maternal side of the LANEs in one family, though, Maria ANTHONY DENMAN's second
husband was Jacob "Jake" Miller, again, Washington Co., Pa.)

It seems like the York Co PA families connect to my LANEs but I'm just not
sure how or "for sure."


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> Samuel Garber, b 1756 York Co Pa, s/o Johannes and Barbara (Miller)
> Garber.
> He married Marian "Molly" Stoner and lived in Frederick Co Md.; moved
> to Flat Rock, Shenandoah/Rockingham Co Va. Samuel was a minister at
> Frederick Co and Flat Rock.
> “The Church of the Brethren was regularly organized by Elder Samuel
> Garber of Virginia about 1799. He is known to have traveled as much as
> 300 miles on horseback as many as three times in the interest of the
> church. Elder Garber lived three hundred miles distant but he visited
> the brethren at Knob Creek at least three times - in itself an immense
> labor.”
> It has not been possible to document the date of its organization but the
> evidence seems to favor the year, 1800. Samuel Garber, an elder from the
> Flat Rock congregation in Shenandoah County, Virginia, was present to
> organize a Brethren congregation. Eventually, after making several trips
> to Tennessee, he migrated to Tennessee in 1811.”“Elder Samuel Garber rode
> 300 miles on horseback from Virginia to Tennessee to help organize a
> church and after his visit the first love feast was held.”
> Tradition says that Samuel either went to Tennessee in 1811 on a
> missionary journey with his brother, Joseph,or another tradition says he
> moved there in 1811 with his family.
> “I find an Elder Samuel Garber living in Linville Creek district,
> Rockingham Co Va. In 1810 he moved to Tenn. I have no record of which
> county but he was in the White Horn district which included part of
> Johnson Co. His name seems to have disappeared from the ministerial
> records in 1815. I have no further reference to him after that.”
> (Descendant who is now deceased)
> He is listed as having 11or 12 children. There may be some records of 3
> – 1 living in Virginia, 2 moving to Ohio. No record of Mollie or the
> rest of the children are found in Virginia or Tennessee.
> If Samuel and his family did indeed live in Tennessee, why is there no
> record of his labors, or trace of his family? Researchers have searched
> the Washington Co. court records and can find no Garber names until
> almost 1830 when another Rev. Samuel Garber (and Elizabeth Miller) family
> moved into the area, this is a cousin of our Elder Samuel (histories
> refer to them as Elder Samuel and Rev. Samuel).
> Tradition says Samuel died c1814 and is buried near Johnson City,
> Washington Co.
> There is no complete list of his children. One is known - John Garber
> 1783 married Nancy Erbaugh and moved to Montgomery Co Ohio. Another
> known, Elizabeth m Stoner is another child. Others could be Samuel
> c1774, Henry, Susanna, Mary, Abraham, Elizabeth, David, Solomon, Hannah,
> 1782 and Catherine.
> During a visit to the Knob Creek, Johnson City TN, eastern TN area,
> Samuel Garber, a minister from Rockingham County, Virginia, organized the
> Brethren settlers as a congregation. The date is not known but it was
> probably very early in the nineteenth century. A letter dated - "1818,
> Dear brothers we have resolved to write to you, of which we have often
> spoken, and much more since our dear brother Samuel Gerber was here whose
> troubles you will have heard of by this time.”
> Samuel Garber 1756- 1814 m Mollie Stoner - s/o Johannes &Barbara Garber
> - Tennessee to visit?
> son Samuel Garber
> Samuel Garber 1756-1840 m Elizabeth Miller - s/o Michael Garber -
> Tennesee to live
> No record of Samuel, Mollie, or most of his children can be found.
> Gladys Cool Royer
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