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Subject: Re: [BRE] Michael Mueller/Miller (b.c1692)
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 11:30:30 -0500
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Questions Regarding The Children of Michael and Susanna Agnes [Berchtell]

Thanks, Donna, for sending on the additional information from Burgert's book
about the children of Michael Miller. As I read your message I noticed that
only the oldest child, Hans Peter, was baptized. The other presumed
children apparently were not baptized, and this raises the question of why
they were not baptized if Michael Miller remained a member of the German
Reformed Church.

The lack of baptismal records also brings into question who Michael Miller's
children were, especially since he did not leave a will upon his death in

Identifying the children has been attempted by Miller researchers through
other means. Three sons were named in a 1752 survey of land involving them
and their father Michael Miller. A few more children can be inferred from
various other land records. Still other children may have been those
Millers who were of the right age and who were living in the right place.
The Michael Miller Family Record book by Floyd and Kathryn Mason constructs
the family of Michael Miller through the method of looking at land records
and geographical proximity, and ends up with a list naming ten probable

My own take on Michael Miller (b. 1692) is he did not behave much like a
German Reformed member except for his own baptism and that of his oldest
son. He must have gone to live with the Mennonite Stutzman family at age
three, since by 1695 both of his parents were dead, with only his
step-mother (who married the senior Jacob Stutzman in 1695) surviving. All
of Michael Miller's siblings were also dead. Michael Miller would have
grown up in a Mennonite environment. Although Burgert found a Reformed
baptism for one child, why are there no other baptisms in the church books?

It is now clear to me that Michael Miller was not born an Anabaptist, but
did he not become Anabaptist in belief while living with the Stutzmans in
his youth and while raising his many(?) children in his marriage to Susanna

Dwayne Wrightsman
Lee, NH

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Subject: RE: [BRE] Michael Mueller/Miller (b.c1692)

> The record from Konken Reformed Church shows that Michael Muller, son of
> Johann Michael Muller from Steinweiler in Churpfalz, married Susanna Agnes
> Berchtel, a Swiss, at Crotttelbach on January 4, 1714.
> They had Hans Peter, who was baptized on January 19, 1715, at Konken.
> Annette Burgert lists the birth of Susanna Agnes Berchtell on May 3, 1688,
> to Hans Berchtell and Christina at Crottelbach in the Konken Reformed
> church.
> Michael Muller born in Steinweiler, Oberamt Lautern became as citizen at
> Lambsheim on June 4, 1721, according to Heinrich Rembe.
> (Thanks to the source who is Annette Kunselman Burgert in "Eighteenth
> Century Emigrants" (Volume II), which deals with the Western Palatinate.)
> Donna

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