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From: "Merle C Rummel" <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] Ritter/Garber
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 05:11:20 -0500
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> Barbara Garber was born September 1, 1785 in Rockingham County Virginia
> died October 11, 1887 Marble Rock, Floyd, Iowa. She lived to be 102.

> > My John Ritter went to Ky 1800 and then to Dayton, Ohio.
>> He married Barbara Garber 1805 ..
>> daughter of John Jr Garber and Barbara Zook. They had there first
>> child in Jacob Ritter January 1, 1806 in Ohio.
>> Where were John Ritter and Barbara Garber married?

From somewhere I had that Barbara Garber, daughter of John Jr Garber and
Barbara Zook was born 1774. I did not have a marriage for her.

John Garber is listed as the first minister of the Obannon Church, Clermont
the Church was founded in 1795, and Daniel Miller was put in the ministry
here in
about 1797. I have considered that John Garber was already here. By 1802
church met in the home of Frederick Weaver (wife -Elizabeth
from Frederick town and Middletown Valley MD). They lived just on the SE
of Goshen OH.

In 1805 John Garber began going up to the Donnels Creek Church in
Co OH -but Donnels Creek says he didn't move there till 1815. Whether he
in Clermont Co is uncertain -since 1802 was the Col Little Survey for the
Bouty Lands -and the earlier families all lost their property -what records
I have show
them moving up the Indian trails to the Montgomery Co area. The Millers
went up
the trail to the west side of Dayton, John Garber went up the trail to the
east side of
Dayton (see my paper ont he Bullskin Road -under Brethren Migration Roads

I am interested in your John Ritter. I don't have him named at
-but we do have a Ritter family in the area. I think I have seen the name
in my
Kentucky files -probably around Lexington -the Tates Creek Church?

Merle C Rummel
Church Historian

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