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Subject: RE: [BRE] OBERHOLTZERS and DEETERS - more information requested...voila!
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 15:38:02 -0500

Here is an Oberholtzer from Ill.

From The Gospel Messenger -- March 4, 1911

Oberholtzer, Bro Jacob, died at Oswego, Ill., Jan. 3l, 1911, aged 88
years, 2 months and 4 days. He leaves an aged wife, four daughters and
five sons. His remains were taken to the Green Tree church, Montgomery
Co., Pa., his birthplace. Services in the church by Bro. C. F. McKee,
after which interment was made in the cemetery near by. Text, Ps.
116:15. Bro Jacob was a faithful member of the Church of the Brethren
for more than sixty years. -- A. L. Grater, 749 Astor Street,
Norristown, Pa.

Sent by Ferne Baldwin
Manchester College

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Subject: [BRE] OBERHOLTZERS and DEETERS - more information

In response to Gale's request for more details regarding my Oberholtzer
ancestors...Well, that could be challenging.

My Great Grandparents were Oliver J. Eby and Louise (Oberholtzer) Eby -
Louise was the eldest child of John Henry Oberholtzer and Mary Louise
(Weeks) Oberholtzer, born in 1878 in Iowa - this much I know for
and have verified information via a number of sources.

John Henry's father was James Z. Oberholtzer (apparently alternately
as "Cooley James Oberholtzer" for reasons which escape everyone!)
Jack's letter indicated that James Z. had "come West" to Illinois - I
no dates confirmed at present for James Z. Oberholtzer, however it is
believed he was born circa 1857. The name "Cooley James Oberholtzer"
provided by Barbara Ford.

Now, here's where things get tricky. My family records indicate that
Z.'s father was a Jacob Oberholtzer, born circa 1835. I have found a
of Jacob Oberholtzers, but none with that approximate date of birth.

The information I am soon to receive from Barbara Ford (Overholser
Association) suggests that Jacob was the name of James Z's GRANDFATHER,
that his father was a Henry Oberholtzer. Perhaps that is why I have
unsuccessful with the Jacob O. search - I'm a generation out!

I know that John Henry O. had at least two siblings - Olen Oberholtzer
Belle Oberholtzer, both older than him. Beyond John H., I have no
information, wedding dates, etc. for any of the previous generations.

That's pretty much the extent of the info I know on my Oberholtzer
line...I'm doing much better on the Weeks/Eby Lines, but this one is a
of a stumper.

Hope that helps!


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Can you give a little more detail on the background of your
Oberholtzer's, such as your great grandparents names and on back if you
know. That might help sort out the Deeter connection. The Deeter's out
of Morrison's Cove in Bedford and Blair Co's PA are strongly Brethren.
The Oberholtzer name is also found in the Cove, so the possibility
exists there.


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