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He still might have been ours, though I'm not saying that's for sure. Lots
of farmers had other occupations, particularly before they owned
land. Some occupations were farm related, so they could do them in their
off time. For example, blacksmiths(farriers) and coopers (barrell makers.)

I haven't joined up, but it's not easy in my father's family. Too many
German Baptists. He has only one that I know of, Rev Moses Frazee of Miami
C0 OH. I have several I can use on Mom's side.


At 12:57 PM 7/2/2004, you wrote:

>I called the Bedford Co. Historical Society regarding the shoemaker when I
>started this a couple of years ago and concluded he was not mine. Ours was a
>I wanted to join the DAR and have done that and found 3 partiots so far. The
>Dale/Deals are still a mystery.
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