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From: James Shuman <>
Subject: RE: [BRE] Sailor/Saylor/Seiler
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 08:46:39 -0700
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Mary Ellen,

I feel the same about the information I present: use it as a resource
but not as documentation.

It appears fairly certain from the information you, Ferne, and I have
found that there truly WAS an Eva Saylor who married a David H.
Morris, and lived in OH in the early 1800s. Perhaps a few more
investigations into the cemetery records of Miami County wouldn't
hurt, but I feel pretty comfortable with that part of the question.

Now, as you state, we have the unresolved question of how/whether the
Jacob who was Eva's father fits into the Daniel and Jacob Saylor
family I provided yesterday. One of the problems for researchers is
that almost every generation of these Saylors had both a Jacob and a
Daniel -- sometimes a set in each of the families of that generation.
So locating the "right" one can be tediously difficult. On the other
hand, "Eva" is quite rare -- I don't have any other instances of it
at all.



At 8:04 am -0700 5/20/04, Mary Ellen Rohrer wrote:
>Hello James,
>I wasn't saying that the Jacob I mentioned was Eva's
>father. I was asking if anyone knew if he was or not.
>In my tree on roots web I have the dates that you
>mention for Eva's birth and death. My tree also states
>to use my info as a starting point not the final word
>on information.
>My tree started with information that my mother started
>in the seventies and was all in a cardboard box alot of
>it written on the backs of scrap pieces of paper and
>without sources. She died in 1990 so I cant ask her
>where she got some of her info. So unless I have a
>source listed in it the info should be used as a
>beginning and not an end so to speak.
>So time will tell if there is any connection between
>the wonderful info you contributed and my Sailor
>family. Maybe if nothing else they were cousis on the
>other side of the Atlantic!

James Shuman


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