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From: "Mary Ellen Rohrer" <>
Subject: RE: [BRE] Sailor/Saylor/Seiler
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 08:04:04 -0700 (PDT)

Hello James,

I wasn't saying that the Jacob I mentioned was Eva's
father. I was asking if anyone knew if he was or not.

In my tree on roots web I have the dates that you
mention for Eva's birth and death. My tree also states
to use my info as a starting point not the final word
on information.

My tree started with information that my mother started
in the seventies and was all in a cardboard box alot of
it written on the backs of scrap pieces of paper and
without sources. She died in 1990 so I cant ask her
where she got some of her info. So unless I have a
source listed in it the info should be used as a
beginning and not an end so to speak.

So time will tell if there is any connection between
the wonderful info you contributed and my Sailor
family. Maybe if nothing else they were cousis on the
other side of the Atlantic!


On Thu, 20 May 2004 01:04:32 -0700, James Shuman wrote:

> In studying the data that Ferne supplied more closely,
> I see there
> are three different death dates for Eva Sailor, and
> different
> ages at death. Thus, her birth year is calculated at
> somewhere
> between 1768 and 1776.
> Thus, she cannot possibly be the daughter of Jacob
> Saylor b. 1790 who
> married Hannah Garber, b. 1799. Therefore, the
> suggested link in my
> previous message is not viable, and we need to look
> elsewhere for her
> father, who most likely would have been born prior to
> 1750.
> In looking through my notes, I found that a Mary Ellen
> Roher states
> Eva was born 15 Nov 1786 in VA to a Jacob Saylor who
> was born 8 April
> 1744 in Germany. She gives Eva's death as 9 Nov 1838
> OH, making
> her 51 years old at death. Mary Ellen Rohrer also
> states that Jacob
> died 28 Nov 1838 in Miami Co, OH and is buried in the
> Saylor
> Cemetery, Bethel Twp, Miami Co, OH.
> I do not find this Jacob in my records. Is he, in
> from a
> separate line, at least on this side of the Atlantic?
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