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Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 22:41:32 -0400
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Bob, further identifications to your query and speculations:

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Lucinda (Kessler) Bryant, 6 Aug. 1834, 18 June 1896. She was the wife
of David Bryant. She is a mystery to me. Does anyone know who her
parents were or what family she belongs to?

Lucinda is a d/o Ulrich Kessler & 1) Mary Morris or Norris.

Referring to Ferne's list, I believe that:

1. Ulhigha, Martha, and Mary Kessler were all children of George W.
Kessler, son of Ulrich and grandson of John.

Correct. George W. Kessler's wife was Sarah Martindale.

3. Margaret was probably Ulrich's second wife.

Correct, Margaret Whiteneck.

4. I do not know who Mary was, but she may possibly have been Ulrich's
first wife.

Correct, Mary Morris or Norris.

6. Peter Kesler [n.b. spelling with one "s"] was the child of John
Kesler and Mary Jane (Kessler) Kesler. I don't know whether
this John was related to Mary Jane's family or was from an entirely
different family. Mary Jane Kessler was a daughter of Ulrich
and a granddaughter of John.

John Kesler and his wife Mary Jane Kessler were not related. She was a
d/o John M. Kessler and Malinda Harriman or Preston, sources differing,
grand d/o Ulrich & gt gr d/o John.

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