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Subject: [BRE] David B. Barnhart?
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 14:45:42 EDT

Craik's History doesn't have a bio for David Barnhart. His name does appear
on page 106, in the history of the Appanoose congregation (which includes
Eight Mile), though there is more mention of Daniel B Barnhart, who may or may
not be the same as D B Barnhart, also mentioned.

Craik says that COB'ers first appeared in the area just after the Civil War,
and indicates they were folks from Canton, Fulton County, IL. "In 1866,
Elder Daniel Barnhart moved from Wabash county, Indiana, into what later became
Eight Mile..."
which sounds confusing when the next paragraph says:

"In 1871, Daniel B Barnhart moved from Roanoke, Virginia, to
Centropolis and
thus became one of the early members of the church...."

Other early Eight Mile members recalled by "Brother Barnhart" include Daniel
Barnhart and wife [the only mention of Daniel that I've found], George Bowen
and wife, John Michael and wife, Jacob Kaub and wife, John Kaub, Wash. Turner
and wife, Brother Firestone and wife, David Barnhart and wife, Abraham Barnhart
and wife, Isaac Barnhart and wife, and Jacob S Keim and wife," whom Craik
says came from Indiana, Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. Eight
Mile schoolhouse, one of the meeting places, he says, "is located eight and
one-half miles southeast of Overbrook."

Apparently there was out migration in the 1880's, and Eight Mile dwindled
away, some of its members joining Ottawa and some Appanoose. "About eighteen of
them subsequently identified themselves with the Old Orders, among that
number Elder Daniel Barnhart..."

A D.B. Barnhart was one of three ministers at Appanoose in its early days.
"The Appanoose church was built on the I B Garst farm, seven and one-half
miles southeast of Overbrook..." Among those mentioned as having been
elected to the ministry at Appanoose were Earl Barnhart (May 22, 1920), while among
those ordained in the congregation were D B Barnhart (October 4, 1884).
"Elder Barnhart" is mentioned as serving for many years in oversight of the

While David Barnhart is listed in the index only the one time, Daniel
Barnhart's name appears on pp 106, 107, 185, 202, 215 and Daniel B Barnhart on 106.
Earl Barnhart is on 107. Isaac on 106. George Barnhart on 194 and 276;
Josephus on 141, and W R Barnhart on 93.

I hope some of this helps.

Happy hunting.


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