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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 23:16:27 -0500
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Hi Jan,

I don't know if there is a connection, but I have Hussey/Hershey line as
well....all I know is that a daughter of Brethren minister unknown
Hussey/Hershey was married to Peter Lyman Foss early 1800s in Hardin County,
Ohio. The family was supposed to originally be from Pa.

Still search for ancestry of Minerva A. Hussey/Hershey

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Subject: [BRE] Have two books of United Brethren information

> I am new to the list, but have been trying to find information about
> ancestors who where members of the United Brethren Church or Dunkers. I
> the Allegeheny Passage which is a book written by Emmert F. Bittinger. It
> about the church and families in the West Marva District of W.Va.years
> 1752-1990. Also I have a History of the East Pennsylvania Conference by
> Phares Brubaker Gibble. The book starts in the beginning with the
> circuit of East Pennsylvania 1800 ending with 1946. The book gives
> information concerning the affairs of the church and history along with
> of promenient members. I would be willing to look up information for
> who might be interested in those areas.
> I am trying to gain information about my David Hershey and Magdelena
> families who went to Washington, Maryland They are both decendants of
> B. Hershey son of Preacher Andrew Hershey, who came from Switzerland in
> with his father Hans Hersche and brother Benjamin. Also need information
> the Rhorer family of Washington, Maryland.
> Also information about Henry Purgett or (Burkhardt) who was born in
> town, Maryland abt 1753. His name is mentioned in the Allegeheny Passage.
> Need information about who his father was and also more info on is family,
> wives etc.
> Thank you, Jan Wanstrom
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